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This sexy photoset was made during our stay in an ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. For nearly three weeks I couldn’t go outside the hospital and had to rest in our room. So once the doctor allowed me to go out we couldn’t think of anything else than finding a nice hidden place for a photoset or video. Yan has taken me to a nearby shrimp field where there were kilometers of water fields separated by lines of palms. There were little paths on the palm lines and we decided to go find some place where we couldn’t be easily seen by people coming around. We have taken one path which was very narrow and through which it was very difficult to walk as the palms were right in the middle of it. We were getting trough the palms for some 30 minutes only to realize that the path doesn’t lead further. We were deciding what to do as the sun was about to set and so we didn’t have much time to find some other place. Right next to the line’s water-field was something like a main line through which people were even riding motorbikes and bikes so we were a bit scared that they could see us.

Finally we decided to risk being caught rather than miss an opportunity for photoset and I started the show. I really love to be naughty in beautiful outdoor places and here it was like in heaven with palms and water everywhere around us. You may check for yourself how the action was like. Yet it was a bit disturbing to constantly check all four directions if someone isn’t coming and to dress quickly when some bike was going around. :) But that made it even more adventurous not mentioning that we are quite used to having such setting :) ). We finished only when the sunset was there and so we didn’t have enough time to make a video on that place. This however proved to be an advantage as well since once I was dressing a man passed right around us on the same line. So we were happy that he hasn’t caught us in action :) .

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7 Responses to Shrimp Field

  1. Gabor from Hungary onMar 29, 2011

    That was a few months ago, and I know that in few months could somebody loss some weight :)
    Anyway: the other guy probably likes the model/anorexia type of women, but I like if the girl has something for my hands, if you understands me ;) (The Germans has a good world for it: vollschlank).
    So we are not the same taste : )

  2. misha onMar 28, 2011

    Gabor, you made me really laugh by your worries :) ). The ribs were there due to the posture. Try to do it and you will see that even your ribs would look like mine ;) . Otherwise my bmi is around 19.38, which is stated as healthy weight :-P . You are really strange guys, some months ago a guy has written me here that I look fat :) now you are writing me here that I look underweight :) . You should rather take me as I am, hm? love from Misha

  3. misha onMar 28, 2011

    Hello Jeremy! Thank you very much for your nice comment! I am really happy that you like our personalities, videos, site, sex and everything! That makes me feeel really great! That’s just what we want to do :) .

    About the travels, well, we are big low budgeters so we in fact don’t pay that much for traveling. But still we have the site as our main source of income and thanks to all of you we are able to travel so much and in turn we are able to make hot videos from all different places ;) .

    I wish you all the best Jeremy! Lots of love from Misha

  4. Gabor from Hungary onMar 27, 2011

    To be honest, Misha, you have a very nice ass – but the ribs of the second picture in the article scarred me.
    What is your BMI?

  5. Jeremy-Country-Boy onMar 25, 2011

    Hope you are doing good now Misha : ) I wanted to write you and tell you thanx and show my appreciation for helping me through a hard time in my life. Your videos and such of your life and travels are unique, not just the sex but the person underneathe all of that. you seem to have a fun, glowing and outgoing attitude about yourself thats why I hope that there is nothing serios wrong so you have my best wishes.
    And by the way I just love all the pictures of your travels. I just wish I could do it myself but I live in United States and they make things so expensive I can’t afford to enjoy that side of your life. My best wishes to you Misha : )

  6. misha onMar 25, 2011

    Hello, I am really sorry for that, it should work now. Love from Misha

  7. MishaSuperFan-YanToo onMar 23, 2011

    Hi Guys, the link for the zipped Hi-Res photos isn’t working. Can’t wait to see ‘em!

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