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Just as I first saw the hut I saw the pictures in my mind. Misha was a bit skeptical when we first moved in, also because we were basically sent away from the other place, but also because the hut was not very clean and rather squat like looking. However I knew this is going to be the perfect photoset. I mean we always saw these sea facing cottages in movies only and imagine, we were living in one now! Only for two days though and so we had to make a use of it at least a bit. Since the local boys were sleeping just below us and the floor was not so well built, we could nearly see through it and therefore not a good place for a video.

But if we were careful enough and kept on checking all the time we could see if nobody is coming outside and looking above at Misha’s gorgeous naked body. It happened quite a few times that somebody appeared and Misha had to hide, so the shooting conditions were not too calm:), but how else it could be, when the two of us decide for some action. I must admit that these photos, coming out of our new camera are completely different league, even more than that – it’s a different sport than what we ever shot before. Misha’s delicious body is really coming alive out of the picture so that we can feel she’s actually here, standing in front of us, wondering about her beautiful tits and your hard cock:). Even Misha herself confessed that these pics are sooo hot, and that is something, believe me or not, I never heard her say about her own pictures. Now, I believe we can be moving forward a lot with this wonderful vision of the most erotic high quality photos coming up. I wish you to enjoy the show.)

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