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Misha’s sexy wild playing with the waves can turn on thousands of men and women. Her hot body in combination with sea drops makes really wonderful concert of erotics. These amateur high resolution photos are very nice piece in our sexy home made archive. On our last day in Allepey, we decided it is the best time to make some photosets. During the whole stay there we had such idea in our minds but we never got enough courage and time to do it. Although Kerala is immensely beautiful, it has one big disadvantage for our “activities” and since that there are way too many people everywhere! Even in a very remote palm grove, people could turn up from any direction. Maybe it is because India has so many inhabitants ;) .

So to make a photoset on the beach for example is nearly impossible as there are people everywhere there. Yet we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful setting of the huge waves and make some show there. I took on my sexiest white swimming suit, which becomes a bit transparent once it gets soaked. I am sure you already know about my passion for water and sea particularly. I could spent hours and hours by swimming, exercising, relaxing or just playing in the sea. It’s my most most favorite activity in the world :) . So once we reached the sea, I just let the waves to completely swallow me up :) . I played with them, let them splash my body, jumped into them and at the same time smile and look nice for the photos :) . It was quite tricky thought as the waves had immerse strength and power!

I was enjoying it so much that in some moments I thought that it’s like if I would be making love with the sea! I was in one big orgasm the whole time, although sometimes the waves splashed me really hard and I had to catch breath again. I believe that with this photoset Yan has proved how big improvements is he making in the photographic field as he managed to capture some real jewels! I will let you find that out for yourself! :)

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