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When we were based in Thuravoor, in Kerala, by the lovely backwaters, we were enjoying so much of the beauty all around us. Coming and staying there, right by the shore of the backwaters, surrounded by palm trees from all sides, enjoying tiny boat rides on daily basis and getting soaked by charming sun shine was indeed our cup of tea. In comparison with life in Delhi we understandably felt like in a paradise. Since we try not to be selfish, we always try to share with everyone – share that what we think is great in life and what is definitely worth sharing, all the best things that came across our lifes, be it great philosophies, thought and life approaches, or the love and sexuality that is between the two of us.

This time we also would love to share with you the beauties of Kerala backwaters. As we are in habit of giving the natural beauty little bit of erotic touch upgrade, so we did the same this time. I dared to ask Misha in the middle of one, well not rush-hour frequented but not even deserted, channel to stop the boat and show me and you little bit of her fantastically juicy body. So after little bit of hesitations we parked the boat, set up the perfect light for a camera shots and started the best job in the world – exposing our love with invitation to take a look in our lives. Obviously we have been both taken away in our hearts by the scenery, by the sun light, and never ending view on the palm trees. Misha gave amazingly sexy postures and was going wild behind the camera. Always when I though that this must be it, she through some even better look and better shown better shape of her body. Until I thought it cannot go any better, otherwise I will make love to her directly on that place, on the route in between of two inhabited cottages. During this time couple of boats passed around and so we had to stop shooting and act like nothing special is going on, since Keralites as much as any other Indians often like to engage in discussion or in simple staring and following you wherever you go and whatever you do:).

After some time Misha came to feel that we have stayed on that spot for long enough to give somebody a good chance to spot us, and so that it would be better to move on to the big open channel. Therefore we made a move and got to the lake like looking wide channel and there we enjoyed a pause from paddling for a while. Having a snack in a form of a huge banana, which Misha ate the way only she can do, we continued in that mood till we experienced very nice moments on the rocking boat. Anyway, I wouldn’t like to slide into the next story..so you will have to wait for the other part that will come in the form of a very hot video very soon… We wish you to enjoy this nice photoset. With love from Sikkim in Himalayas, Yan and Misha.

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7 Responses to Backwater Hottie

  1. misha onAug 28, 2011

    Hello Ronald. we will hopefully get to Paraguay in the future, we will let you know! Tavares, thank you very much for your nice words! I am really happy that you appreciates our work ;) . Yan is becoming a better video editor with every vid :) .

  2. Tavares onAug 12, 2011

    Hey,Misha and Yan,congratulations for the site and mostly for the edition of the previews

  3. Ronald onJul 14, 2011

    Hi Misha and Yan… once thought to come to Paraguay? we are waiting …

  4. Yan onJul 12, 2011

    Hey buddy, Misha has fixed it seconds ago, it shall be working by now.

  5. PMH123 onJul 10, 2011

    Hey Misha, the link is working (and always had), but the file is broken. It doesn’t seem to be a zip-file…

  6. misha onJul 08, 2011

    The link should be working fine now :)

  7. USAGuy onJul 01, 2011

    Hi Misha and Yan, the link to the Zipped Hi-Res file is broken. Please fix–I can’t wait to see them!

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