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With Yan being in the Czech Republic for one month, I certainly have a difficult time being on my own in India. It is true that I am here together with our friend on the wheelchair, but still it is the only close person here and yet not as close as Yan is (I am sure you know what I mean). I do miss Yan terribly, not as much in my mind as in my hear – emotions strike at me and I feel so alone and helpless that I can’t help myself but cry out from this feeling. Plus there is no one to take care of my sexual needs except myself. Not that I won’t be familiar with such situation, in fact it is the only thing that I am quite good at while being alone ;) . To be honest I make myself nearly every day, sometimes even more times a day when there are the right conditions for it. Some time ago I decided to make a day out of our home and spend it somewhere nice, doing something nice and being happy.

Although quite alternative, I still am a girl so I decided to go shopping to a shopping mall and buy new shoes. Being a responsible consumer, I have done an extensive research about various brands to make sure that I won’t buy anything produced in the sweatshop and having bad environmental impact (if that is even possible) before I actually set for the shopping mall. Once there I have bought a pair of Crocks shoes as they are really comfortable, vegan and recyclable and some dress from a brand I quite sure doesn’t use sweatshops. While trying the dress, I got quite horny while looking at myself in the mirror and decided to take a few photos of myself with the iphone.

Yet the photos didn’t come up well and so on the way home I decided to make a real photoset for you wearing the new things. ;) On Sunday I finally got the opportunity to sneak at our back door’s area where nobody could find me (except the neighbors upstairs who happen to have a balcony right above the area) and set out the show. I have used our old compact camera as Yan has the SLR with him in Prague so the quality isn’t as good but I hope you will be rather looking at me and my body than at the quality of the photos ;-P. To be honest, I was quite horny while shooting the photos and had to make myself right afterwards. I hope that this photoset will have the same effect on you ;) .

Sexy Photos Preview

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5 Responses to Pinky Show

  1. Guest111 onSep 20, 2011

    So there already is a post about being with a woman? Or is there going to be one coming up? If there already is one I must not have seen it. Being in front of many people sounds interesting! The questions could be fun too because people could ask very personal things they are curious about. I think the stories would be sexy because it would leave things to people’s imaginations and you could get to revisit old experiences! Like, I would love to hear a detailed story about the two experiences with women, if it’s already posted I will look for it!

  2. misha onSep 20, 2011

    Hello Guest, I sort of like your idea. I will only have to discuss it with Yan once he’ll arrive back from Prague today. Since I am not sure I have shared all the stories with him;) and don’t want him to read it here first;-P.

    Regarding the sex with woman, I am sure you’ll be able to find a post about that either in the blog or forum;). Not to tease you more, Yes I did have two lovely experiences with women, unfortunately both happened while being drunk and in front of many people. :-/

  3. Guest111 onSep 19, 2011

    Did you not like the story idea? What if people wrote in questions they were curious about? Such as, have you ever had an experience with another woman?

  4. Guest111 onSep 14, 2011

    Pictures look great. I had a curious question for you Misha. I thought an interesting part of the blog might be past sex experiences that weren’t filmed. Maybe some wild sex memories that you could share in story instead of video. That might be fun for fans to know of some wild past experiences that you might not do now in a committed relationship.

  5. misha onSep 07, 2011

    I am currently uploading a revised version of the photos. I figured out how to batch crop the photos and sharpened some of them so that you would see my body in full detail without being disturbed by the messy environment ;) . I am sorry I didn’t do it straight away, I am using Fedora 14 on this computer and still have to learn a great deal about it! Yet I love it very much and have found really cool soft for all the tasks I need while working with the photos. Unfortunately we haven’t found a replacement for Adobe Premiere Pro so far and so we have to use Windows at least on the fast computer :( . Otherwise I can recommend Linux very much, it’s sweet and free :) )

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