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After a long time of not a fresh photoset we are coming with instant, yet very juicy and on-turning series of a few photographs of Misha enjoying the beauty of the surrounding around natural waterfalls. She shown us as much as she could when we take into account that this is quite a tourist spot and anybody could show at at any time. At first Misha was very shy to go for the show, yet after a few minutes of persuading her she became a bomb of excitement…

Living in a metropolis of around 15 million people, breathing 200 tuns of sand being blown into your city on daily basis, listening to all the noises and experiencing all the smells might get a little too much after a while. Just like for me and Misha to have home in New Delhi for last 9 months becomes sometimes very exhausting. That is why we always like to get out of here every two or three months. Yet the last three months Misha continuously remained in Delhi and she needed a break. Therefore we have decided to travel up north to mountains to explore a bit of Himalayan nature, at least for a weekend. We have gone to Mussoorie, near Dehradun – the capital of the state called Uttarkhand. We boarded the train in Delhi at 11pm and arrived to the footsteps of Himalayas around 8 am the next morning. On the way to Massuurie we have stopped by the waterfalls, called after the British officials, who liked to have a pick nick by the falls and drink their tea together – that is why they are known as Kempty falls (camp + tea). As we traveled with one of our friends, who came to visit us in India (already 6th person from Czech Republic who came to see us here), we had not much time and space to do a content for our site. Yet before we left the Kempty falls, we felt like this is the perfect spot for couple of quick snaps to give you at least a bit of the taste of our time there. We think that for the little of time we had to produce this, the result is very nice. The play between Misha’s beautiful body and the waterfall rising from behind is fantastic. We hope you will love it.

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