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sexy real amateur Misha with perfect ass

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve been hidding this juicy photos from you over two years! I found this treasure this morning as I was putting a watermark on all the photos, preparing them for our upcoming new website. These very sexy pictures were sitting in the middle of a discreet folder from the year 2009, from Vieste. This folder, however innocent it is facing, it is full o very naughty pictures.

Where Misha is really very sexy little devil. Next to the pics from Sunshine Rock, there are these pics from a paddle boat, which we toured around the little island in Vieste, in south of Italy. Very sweet and charming surrounding, but what more – very hot girlie on those photos. As I was scrolling through them, before I reached it”s third, I got to see those lovely arse photos, in quite a sharp quality and I was instantly hard.

So I had to call for Misha to do something about it:). We were both two years younger…I have had short hair and no moustache:). Misha was still a little baby maybe:) Well, you see yourself. And I tell you guys, get ready for our new website, because it will be blaaast!

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13 Responses to Paddle Boat – Hidden Treasure

  1. Frede12 onFeb 23, 2016

    you are the girl of my dreams ! The setting is superb, your tan is wonderful ! keep it up babe !

  2. redbull1 onNov 15, 2011

    Better a slow pace, but a great work, than a fast pace and a website with a lot of bugs.

  3. Yan onNov 15, 2011

    Hi Distrito,
    do you think long hair look good on me? Even the moustache? I am actualy quite careless about my appearence, but of course I would like to look good for our members…do you think my current look is good for this site?:)
    Well, I might not change anything on myself even if it should bring us millions of dollars…haha..am just curious:).
    About the new website, we are working hard, but work is still plenty. I think within two more weeks it could be done, though. We are also impatient:)
    All the best vibes to you too

  4. DISTRITO onNov 14, 2011

    If I think it was a form of protest over John Lennon”s hair from long, physically you”re a lot like yan Lennon, long hair looks good on you.

    When do you think you will have prepared the new website?, I”m impatient.

    Kisses for Misha, and greetings and congratulations on your work for you Jan, and peace for all members of this website

  5. redbull123 onNov 11, 2011

    This be-dpeace could work if it were made by the employees of great banks. ummm interesting. Making a movement style Yoko and John but in the main squares…

  6. Yan onNov 10, 2011

    Yes Distrito, I love the couple of John and Yoko very much! I some sense John is a great symbol and idol for me. Do you think we shall also let grow the hair peace?:) I think it is a good idea. You surely have seen JOhn Lennon vs. USA right? What is Patchouli? Thans very very much for contributing with this nice peace of information on John and Yoko, may people of today see inspiration in their positive actions reach the ultimate state of brotherhood and sisterhood!

  7. Yan onNov 10, 2011

    Liebe Leila,
    Wir sind sehr glücklich! Können Sie schreiben sogar etwas über dich:) auch Sie können uns unterhalten.

  8. Leila onNov 10, 2011


    Hat Spass gemacht das zu lesen!

  9. Leila onNov 10, 2011

    Hat Spass gemacht darin zu lesen!

  10. Kvetoslav Rozkydal onNov 10, 2011

    cool article

  11. DISTRITO onNov 10, 2011

    Wowwww! great treasure that you found, Wonderful photos of Misha, .. did two years ago? Misha the body does not pass the time, it is amazing how beautiful is sexy and naughty Misha, love the wonderful and hard ass of a goddess Misha, you would type a Greek sculpture of the body as a model Misha!!
    It seems that Misha has traveled back in time and comes from ancient Greece, is a Greek sculpture come to life!!

    I never had said, that you and your Misha and you Jan, you have always reminded me one of my idols John Lennon and Yoko Ono
    John Lennon Love to the core neuron deeper and more remote by the Japanese artist, Yoko with whom he had achieved a rare tune, how you Jan with Misha
    They took the tide of her wedding to attract hordes of reporters eager to their particular promotional event antiwar, their bed-in for peace, where politics seemed drunk with love and peace slogans-hair (hair peace), bed peace (bed peace), grow your hair! (let yourself grow hair), stay in-bed (stay in bed) – Patchouli exudes from each of its letters.

    The special formula of political protest (which subsequently repeated in the Bahamas and Montreal, in New York could not be because Lennon was then banned from entering the U.S. due to a conviction for cannabis) was the press call between 9 am and 9 pm in the hotel room for a week. Reporters and photographers flocked there waiting for a performance, a naked, something scandalous, illegal and / or photogenic happen. And nothing happened. Well, it happened that John and Yoko sat in that huge bed, talking about world peace, at times he played the guitar, and in general, in an attitude "angelic" (Lennon would say).

    This form of protest was naked, for peace in the world by the end of wars and the twinning of peoples, through all this I always remember John Lennon as much to Yoko Ono, when i saw your website

    Well the only difference is that Misha is a Greek goddess and every time I see that wonderful ass naked with me going crazy, is wonderful.

    Never change your Jan and Never change Misha are your best and you like John and Yoko you contribute to a better world where peace reigns and valued much love for nature and animals, to have a more balanced world, where live from what nature gives us, and rely less voracious capitalism

    as always, lots of candy and crazy kisses for Misha and good wishes and admiration for your work for you, Jan, and peace for all members of this wonderful website, peace and love


  12. Yan onNov 09, 2011

    Danke leila roony!

  13. leila roony onNov 09, 2011

    das ist geil

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