fucking in a valley Fant-ass-tick_blowjob_and_fuck 2012-11-28_Sexy_girlfriend_in_a_lush_paradise_26 2012-11-13_Explosive_amateur_sex_bomb_45 2012-10-28_Public_blowjob_in_the_sea_31 2012-08-28_Anal_wedding_night wild_horny_girlfriend sexy_snow_art truck_girl pov

Take this hot sexy chance! Watch horny Misha bouncing from an amazing POV as if you would fuck her yourself. This real amateur video is originally delightful and full of authentic passion. One hot piece from our daily archive! Check it out!

This 100% authentic video brings you such view that you almost feel like if you were in our skin. To be more precise, like in my skin, making love to horny Misha. However there are short moments when even Misha grabs the camera and offers her view, on her shaking body, bumping on my tool, which is no less sexy! In this post we have originally described the day we made this video. I dare to say that this video contains the hottest blowjob of the year, since Misha really thrills and the POV highlights all of her hot n’ gorgeous body. Also when she is reaching her best, you can enjoy her look straight into your eyes, something that doesn’t happen every day man:). When Misha turned on side and stroke me with her round hips I could no longer handle it and came over her beautiful body. She seems to be not only horny, but also very cum hungry, because she didn’t leave a spare drop. Apart from the juiciness of these moments and hardcore pleasures, you can also feel the romance and love that is blasting from the kissing scenes and our respect to each other that is blooming with every touch. This is what love is about and what Open Love Site is dedicated to spread all over the net. You can help us today by joining us or learning about our further mission! Lots of love from Yan and Misha.

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7 Responses to Breathtaking POV video

  1. painter onOct 13, 2012

    hey i love that girl.. id like to lick her feet and ass :X:X mmm sexiest girl i have ever seen..

  2. bricks05 onApr 23, 2012

    Misha honey how do I gain access to the full length videos, so far I can only see your sexy antics in the trailers

    • misha onApr 25, 2012

      Hey Bruce, I have just sent you an e-mail, regarding this. Did you try to click on the member’s content tab in the post? Please let me know. :-*

  3. an onMar 27, 2012

    i’m going mad for your feet….waiting for a complete footjob

  4. misha onMar 18, 2012

    Hello Kukie, of course that you can join without a credit card, please drop me an e-mail to Misha@openlovesite.com. Thank you

  5. Kukie onMar 18, 2012

    It looks so amazing and I really want to see more of you two. But it’s not usual to have a credit card in Germany, is there any other way I can join?

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