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seducing house wife

We shot these hot home made pics couple of months ago, when Misha was washing dishes in her sexy panties and my natural insticts responded with making my dick hard in my pants and giving me camera in my hands.

Sexy photos in the awaiting time

Since there is so many non-profit activities we are full time involved in during these days and weeks, I thought it would be nice to share with you, our fellow members, some ready-to-share sexy photos, which don’t take much time to prepare and that can satisfy you at least for few days before we are ready with more daily posts and more hardcore videos ;) .

Real amateurs in a highly busy mode

Our real – amateur – couple – life gives us so much freedom that we can get involved in so many meaningful things at the same time, yet it sometimes comes back to work and that we don’t make enough of daily regular time to keep you posted on daily basis and than it comes back to the activities which we also have to pay for. We are spending our weekends in the spiritual Park we built and run together with our friends (not mentioning the full name on purpose, if you are interested what it is exactly, drop us a mail), we go back to the Czech earthship site, where we also help to finish some works and see our friends, we prepare all and everything for our wedding…

Sexy Photos Preview

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  1. t7 onJun 23, 2012

    Very nice. Very sexy. Shows off Misha’s beautiful figure.

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