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hidden possibilities

I have been talking and reading about the year 2012 and its significance so much that I was quite looking forward to what will actually happen. Right now I can say that tons of things have actually happened and it isn’t even done yet :) . First of all we have opened this new magnificent OpenLoveSite.com all by our selves. It is now real amateur in all aspects as we are the only one who are running it from its core. Before Watch-Us-Fuck.com was created by my Ex-BF and we just learned how to do a few basic things. That’s why the potential of the site was so limited. Right now the potential is totally up to us and our possibilities. It’s a totally different feeling to hold the whole site in your hands and be able to do what you want.

Webmasters and editors overnight

To accomplish this we had to master lots of skills in a short period of three months. It was an intense journey which has revealed the scope of our hidden possibilities and has taught us an important lessons and since that “everything is open if you want” and “everything that you can imagine, can also happen”! Like this we knew that we were going to Taos, New Mexico to learn how to build Earthships and this will happen soon, but what more, we even got the opportunity to build the first Earthship in the Czech Republic, which opened a completely new and awesome world full of possibilities for us! We were even able to organize two awesome during which everyone kept telling us that we were just shining loads of positive energy and that they are grateful for the invitation. Furthermore recently I got one more dream come true in the lesbian action I had one week ago.

The importance of Purpose

All of this means that all one need is to start believing in one’s potential and learn how to overcome the fears, doubts and limits we have created. It’s a long way and one needs to find and create the Purpose, which guides one through all the endeavors and which gives one enough energy and excitement for its accomplishment. Deep inside I feel that my greatest problem is my own timidity, which prevents me from shining and keeps me bent in the corner. Once I will overcome it, nothing will stop me from reaching my dreams and visions. Simply put, everything is open if I want as I am the creator of my destiny.

3 Responses to Everything is open if you want

  1. andrew onSep 07, 2012

    yes it does make sense.
    so at the moment it is just the two of you. no others lovers or boyfriends and girlfriends. but if you either of you want to that option is their, so it ensures the longevity of your relationship?. I think your thinking is sound and it’s good you both agree on it. And let’s face you may stay that happy with each other that will be enough and there will be no need for anyone else.

  2. misha onSep 04, 2012

    Dear Andrew, it is for sure not easy to explain to understand how we feel about this:). However be sure that we don’t know any other couple who would be as much in love as we are:). Actually we see the open relationship theory – and practice possible only because we love each other so much. Only in that way we accept the fact that we DO NOT OWN each other, and when we will possibly feel attracted sexually or emotionally to some other people, we don’t want to feel guilt because of it, but rather total freedom. This is only possible because of our enormous love and we rather perceive it as an upgrade and next step towards the high level, almost enlightened relationship, rather than not being happy being monogamous :) . Does it make sense to you? :)

  3. andrew onSep 01, 2012

    May I ask you something!
    It seems Yan and yourself are no happy being monogamous and it was more the theory of having an open relationship if you or he decide it is what you want?
    Because for me I like this site because it is about your love, it would not be the same if you were seeing other poeple!

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