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Public photos in forest

The natural and mystic experience which we have gone through in North Burma was very unique. We lived live of local people and yet we would manage to ride around with a scooter and shoot some sexy public photos for you!

Public blowjob impossible

Same like in most Indian villages and even more remote areas, also in Burma and it’s remote areas it was virtually impossible to shoot even single public blowjob video. Since wherever you go, there are always people coming out from nowhere, riding here and there their bikes and being very curious what might you have to do there :) . For these reasons it was a total mission impossible to shoot any outdoor video around in upper Burma, like elsewhere as we had our monk friends with whom we stayed in his village, and we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves, neither any of their beloved family.

Public photos in last piece of nature

All around the upper Sagaing division there were deep thick heavy forests one day still 20 years ago. At that time they started chopping down the forests and selling the wood to dictators cooperating countries, and the forest of Sagaing changed to fields, plains and deserts at some places. We had to ride some way to have chance to hide ourselves by a tiny lake and in between trees, and to be able to shoot some sexy public photos. And we say public photos, because even at this place there were people passing by as it was very narrow and short piece of forest to another village and fields.

So that we could only get to enjoy few seconds and minutes at times in privacy and otherwise had a really wonderful tour around. Check it out yourself!
We made these two short public photos sets only at a small occasion, but I think together they give a nice few sexy pics!
Enjoy iT!

Sexy Photos Preview

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