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sexy girl in a car

Remember this wonderful On the Rock video, shot about three years ago, nearby of our cottage in a beautiful and forestry Bohemia? Well, this time we became horny even before we have reached there. That’s why we had to stop just by the main road and enjoy a bit of peaceful and sexy relaxation :) .

We have to stop anywhere

You surely know that kind of feeling when you want something and won’t get rid of the feeling till you get the damn thing :) . Yes, we were driving on a highway and both of us enormously wanted sex. So we have stopped as soon as we could and collected tons of juicy content for you :) .

Hot self-shot video, sexy pics on a car, and a bit of meditation

First of all, as we have found our spot in a car on a plain of high grass, forest, sun and rain, we made love to each other. We tried to improvise with the phone camera and DSLR camera, so let’s see what comes out of it. Right after we both became orgasmically saturated, Misha began to crawl around the car with her sexy body. Luckily we carry the camera with us all the time, because nobody would like to miss this sexy photos set:). Our video and photo shooting was naturally swinging through with a harmonious meditative moments, which I believe, we have also managed to capture in these photos.

So that we could only get to enjoy few seconds and minutes at times in privacy and otherwise had a really wonderful tour around. Check it out yourself!
We made these two short public photos sets only at a small occasion, but I think together they give a nice few sexy pics!
Enjoy iT!

Never thought how sexy girl on a car can be

Seeing all those tons of photos of hot girls and cars, I never though how much tempting this combination can be. Maybe it’s a thing of emotions or maybe Misha really is extremely sexy:).
Well, check it out yourself. These pics of such natural and such sexy girl on a car are definitely worth it! :) .

Sexy Photos Preview

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One Response to Naturally sexy girl on a car

  1. t7 onAug 20, 2012

    Hi Misha,
    Nice set with just a tantalising glimpse of your beautiful pussy. It looks like you have gone natural which makes it more erotic.

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