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This is the video which all of you were eagerly waiting for, since the first time you’ve heard about it. This real amateur anal video is surely an authentic blast – shoot at a very unique moment, during our honeymoon. Anyone with unstable heart should probably avoid watching it, since it is a real fucking kick ass that could possible cause a heart attack :) .

Extreme horny ness – what to do with it?

When we got to the castle and entered our apartment, we were seriously out of our mind. It was amazing how we got enormously horny from the very first moment of our honeymoon. The only unknown was were should we have our first fuck :) . We weren’t planning anal sex at all, but yet we ended up with this superb real amateur anal shot, that surely extends the anal section of our homemade video archive.

Misha kept teasing me!

You will also see how cheeky and, oooh gosh, sexy provoking Misha can be. She kept fucking teasing me all around the room for over half an hour. She would stop by every single artifact, being incredibly hot, but as soon as I would make a move towards her, she run away to another corner of the room. That game was driving me bananas!

Real amateur anal storm

When Misha finally let me get close to her, after few strokes I have realized that I am so stunned that might be on the verge of orgasm. That made me to pull out and wait a while to see if I will raise my power again:). That was where the real amateur anal storm took of.

Misha’s real crying orgasm

It is very hard to describe what was actually happening during this amazing experience, since both of us were in a kind of altered state of consciousness. I could personally feel the extreme hardcore ride on Misha’s fabulous ass…and fuck yeah, just as malfede said – it was fant-ass-tick! Yet at the same time I was overwhelmed by the emotions of love, care and worship of Misha’s beautiful body and sole. It was also one of the times when Misha was so blasted out that she has cried out of her orgasm. It was so lovely…

I should stop trying to describe something that I cannot describe anyway and rather let you watch this real amateur anal blast Right Now! :)

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7 Responses to Anal wedding night

  1. Yan onOct 04, 2012

    HEY T7,
    You will sure get your daily portion of cream-pie in the photo set that comes tomorrow!
    there was no reason and it was not planned at all, as you can read in the post (I am sure you read them right?:)
    I was just too hard and about to cum, and anal usually requires to be very hard and slows down the process of coming (at least in my case).
    And as I know Misha always enjoys anal.
    So I thought fuck yeah, what better place then here, what better time then now! :)

  2. Roel onOct 02, 2012

    Outstanding footage, fresh married couple. Reminds me of my own wedding, same thing happened there. Misha, you look even better than ‘normal’, I can understand Yan wanting and getting your beautiful ass. Live long and well, guys!

    • Yan onOct 04, 2012

      Nice :) Good that we had the same honeymoon experience :) . Yeah, sometimes I really feel obsessed by Misha’s ass, glad to see here that I am not alone :) . Thanks Roel, all the best to you, too!

  3. t7 onSep 29, 2012

    Wow ! Fantastic !!!! Yan your cock seems bigger and even harder. The cum shot was awesome. Absolutely huge.
    As it was your honeymoon I was wondering if there was any reason for choosing anal? It’s certainly a different sensation. Next time a beautiful creampie would be a treat.

  4. malafede78 onSep 29, 2012

    Finally!!! A masterpiece! This should win an Oscar for best amateur fuck!! You really nailed it here, or maybe should I say nailed her here!! Wouldn’t we all want to be in your place Jan!! Awesome Misha! :-)

    • Yan onOct 04, 2012

      Hey Malafede78, I know you were looking forward to this one:)… Just wait for those other contents from our honeymoon. The sexy stockings photo set is coming on tomorrow. Can’t wait myself :)

  5. Yan onSep 28, 2012

    Feels great to have this ready for you guys! Enjoy it:)

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