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This video is taken from our seemingly never ending archive of the sexy jewels which we shot in Thailand, in February. It clicks Misha craving for fuck and me giving it to her, on a charming stage vitrine with sailor’s collection artifact.

Friends will be friends

When we came to Ko Samui, as soon as we got based in our friends house, we have realized that we have way too little time to taste all these sexy natural studios. At the same time, some of the outdoor places were too much public and we didn’t want to risk our reputation and the reputation of our friends to their neighbours. So we have decided to shoot couple of hot indoor videos and keep the rest for our next visit.

The most sexy studios

For this amateur hardcore video we have picked one of the most sexy studios in the house. I won’t be describing the atmosphere of this corner since you can taste it yourself. Rather we will tell you what it felt like.

The world’s best round ass

The statues of spiritual disciples and the massive boat model made us feel like sailors. Misha’s sailing di-color swim suit felt like made especially for this sexy amateur shot. The mystical connection with these elements made us even more horny. Before we began to make love I have reminded one sexy position which I have seen in some porn clip some time ago. This one especially suits Misha as it draws all the attention on her marvelous round ass. Seeing Misha kneeling on the wood, being banged from behind and screaming out to the world, everybody can feel her enjoyment jumping out of the video. I believe nobody could resist Misha’s sexual pleasure at this moment.

Try this video yourself and tell me if I am wrong :) .

5 Responses to Fuck me Sailor!

  1. Ruler70 onOct 09, 2012

    Once again a perfect video of the two of you… Yummy! Yan, I fully understand how Misha’s ass keeps you coming back for more. Stunning… Surprised you two don’t do more anal, or are you not always filming it?… I refreshed my membership, so I stay tuned.. Best, Roel

    • Yan onOct 11, 2012

      Hey man, great to hear from you again! Yeah we don’t do too much of anal, just very sometimes. Most e of the time I prefer the “normal” way I guess..Have you seen the Anal wedding night? Yeah…I love to keep coming back :)

      • Ruler70 onOct 11, 2012

        Hi Yan, yes I’ve checked out Anal wedding night various times… :) Wowaweewah! Love the ‘normal way’ too, btw. Anal is hard work for both parties, but when everything is perfect and the mood is right, it is unbelievable.. Keep us posted, whatever way you guys do it!

  2. t7 onSep 10, 2012

    Hi Misha and Yan,
    Thanks for sharing this fantasticaly erotic video. Misha: you really do have a beautiful ass which just gets sexier and sexier. Yan: your load gets bigger and bigger and how you can stay rock hard after shooting such a huge flood of cum all over Michas lovely pussy and belly is amazing. We would all like to see more of your videos so hope you can find time to upload the Thailand archive and also record your lovemaking adventures in New Mexico.

  3. malafede78 onSep 03, 2012

    Great video Jan and Misha! Can’t wait to see Misha’s ass in the latest castle videos however!

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