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I hope you don’t have enough of the Earthship posts :) , coz it seems that more are yet to come. We are enjoying building Earthships so much that it seems to be kind of our life purpose. Every minute on this sexy build is just awesome. No matter how tired our bodies are or how tricky the tasks are, we simply enjoy every bit of it. The best thing is that even all the people in the Earthship crew simply enjoy their jobs! This motivates us even more to stick with this community of people :) .

Sexy People

Furthermore nearly all the people who are working on the build are sexy! It’s so nice to watch them during the work since everything that they do looks and feels sexy. No wonder I am horny all the time. Right now I am totally in love with Yan. He grew some serious muscles over past months and without his T-shirt, all tanned, he looks totally adorable. I would just fuck him on the spot! All the time I keep thinking about various scenarios of how and where I would fuck him hard :) . Then there are the beautiful women! Right now there are three of them particularly pretty and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. It feels just great to work in pair with such a beauty and be able to observe her body and face in all different positions as she completes the manly tasks :) . I just hope that something more will happen with either of these ladies, in the meantime I will try to write you a post about the dreams I have with them ;) .

2 Responses to Sexy Build

  1. t7 onSep 27, 2012

    Hi Misha and Yan, It’s certainly a major bonus when you are working on a project you love and your workmates are sooooo sexxxxy too. We are all missing those promised videos. It would be fantastic to see how you are enjoying your hard work and of course each other!

  2. malafede78 onSep 27, 2012

    Great news sexy Misha! Cant wait to hear new stories and maybe real adventures with these girls!

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