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This is probably the most explicit and authentic video ever shot and published here on this site. We went to make this amazing public amateur video right after work – no food, no shower, just raw hardcore sex right after full day of work – perfect!

A discreet date turning into public real amateur video

As we need some time just for ourselves, we found this nice little turn shaded with the main dirt road and managed to make a nice little hardcore video for our fellow sex blog followers.
When we got there we first set up a car, knowing that we are on public propert and somebody can just pass by. We set up our cameras and start making love to each other. After a while of passionate kissing Misha takes it lower and begins to give me some amazing and wild public blowjob. I could live life in total ascetics, I would just never give up the pleasure of having Misha fucing my dick and viewing all over her super cute round arse. Especially when she later sits it on my dick and shows it of furiously bumping up and down. Just like you can properly see in the full video of Desert love making.

Horny and ready for public blowjob

Misha told me earlier this week that she is so horny that she would even give me just a blowjob right away. That she is so horny that she wouldn’t mind it to be a public blowjob in a back of our car either. That was when I started to think ok, lets shoot some public blowjob video, but let’s do it properly.

Screaming out of a real orgasm

Our videos can hardly go any more authentic. I mean we are having squirting and loud screaming real orgasms right in front of the camera, we wear no make up and now we even shot a video still being in our working clothes :) . It was truly awesome how we could enjoy the scenery and the beautiful act of love with all the expressions that real orgasms encounter with.

Is Desert a public place?

As opposed to the public blowjob in a changing room of Paris mall, where people were standing hardly one meter away from us and could freely enter any time, here there were no people at all but at the same time we were surrounded by private fields and had to count on somebody showing up just about any time. The public sex situation and likelihood of somebody unfolding our hardcore sex secret was about the same – a rancher could come to feed his cow any time same as somebody could move the curtain in the shopping mall.

I believe you will enjoy this freaking sexy video with all its 30 sexy photos
attached as a bonus and you will be super happy and proud for your full download membership!

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5 Responses to Desert Love

  1. t7 onOct 17, 2012

    Hi again guys, I logged out then back again and mysteriously the two words I clicked on are back to normal – no underline links. It does look like the work of hackers or spreaders of malicious software .

  2. t7 onOct 17, 2012

    Hi Misha and Yan,
    Have you been hacked ? In the last paragraph “Is Desert a public place ?” the words secret and bonus are underlined and lead to a couple of “you have won” pop-ups.

    Is this something you have agreed to?

    • Yan onOct 18, 2012

      Hey t7,
      yeah there is nothing as such that we would know about. Luckily it’s gone now. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. malafede78 onOct 12, 2012

    Great video Misha and Jan! I love how Misha is so toned up and lean! ;-D

    • t7 onOct 13, 2012

      Hey Misha and Yan, Great to see the beautifully rugged scenery from the New Mexico desert and also the Earthship.

      You two must have left off lovemaking for days as your passion really showed. Yan that was an absolute river of cum running all over Misha’s ass and trickling down her back. Very erotic. I would like to have added some! Misha, you looked like a really satisfied woman but ready for more in your sexy poncho feeding Yan with your raw cake. If you could let us have the recipe ;-) . Yan, your bandaged thumb did not prevent you having a super hard hardon. Thanks for another awesome video. Hope the next one will follow really soon. We can’t wait ;-)

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