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New MishaIn last two months lots of things happened and sort of made changes in my self-esteem. First of all I went raw vegan in August and started to really enjoy the diet. Before I hated to cook and now I prepare raw meals every day, I started to sprout legumes, dehydrate my own crackers and make delicious cakes :) . I sort of feel much more in control of my diet and body and at the same time sort of more capable and powerful. Maybe thanks to that I started to drive car again, after seven years of always traveling as a passenger, I sort of started to drive the car myself. I have always been totally shit scared when I was to drive a car and I rather said no than to even try it! And now here with our car, I am not scared at all and I feel that I just can do it!

Plaster Master :)

I suspect that my self-esteem has risen a lot over the course of two months and that I think much higher of myself than I had before. Another story is the Earthship build, where I keep learning new things everyday and where I can practice all the tasks so that I actually master them. I can feel a great difference between how I felt on the Czech build in May and how I feel now. There is a difference in feeling even in September and October! :) I really learned how to plaster for example and I am so good at it that I was able to do the final adobe plaster in the bedroom of this house! That was really something I was proud of, since the technique is rather difficult and not many people actually could do it!

So, yes, I am a wild capable woman who is horny all the time, models for this site, while at the same time does all the webmaster and support work. I can even build you a self-sufficient house if you want ;) .

For those of you, who wonder what is this post all about, I would recommend to check these posts to understand my issues with self-esteem ;) .

2 Responses to Misha’s new self-esteem

  1. malena2013 onAug 20, 2013

    love u two

    malena from argentina

    • Yan onAug 20, 2013

      Hi Malena.
      thanks a lot for your brief and lovely contribution to our love:)
      Love you, too:)

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