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sexy stockings

These juicy photos represent one of the precious jewels picked during our productive honeymoon.
Those sexy stockings that Misha wears here are like from my deepest erotic dreams, they turn me on extremely and I can’t wait to experience them again!

Thai shop with sexy stockings and other turning on clothes

There is actually few more pieces of clothes besides these sexy stockings that we have bought in this nice shop at Ko Samui. My ex-gfriend’s friend is running that store and after having a nice cup of coffee with a pancake, we have picked a few nice pieces of clothes including this great sexy stockings.
We have also bought a nice mini shorts that will sure involve in some future homemade action of ours.

Come with some creative ideas fr sexy photosets

We can never stress enough how grateful we are if you bring some ideas and proposals to us. If it is even little doable, we are most happy to fulfill any of your deepest wishes, so bring it on! So far we have an intention to shoot Misha in her working clothes, with her tool belt and stuff, since I find that in particular to be veeery hot.

Ok, enjoy this fresh Sexy Stockings photoset, I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Sexy Photos Preview

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4 Responses to Sexy stockings

  1. Yan onOct 06, 2012

    Yeah buddy we kept ourselves busy all through our honeymoon:). You will soon get to see the video of what happened before this sexy photoset :) . I personally think it is even hotter – fucking on the big dinning table and all that :) . Thanks for your participation t7, we really appreciate it! You said you originated in Mexico right?

    • t7 onOct 07, 2012

      Hi Yan, Can’t wait. Guess dinners will never be the same again after seeing the video! A very special dessert ;-) I’ve never been to Mexico or New Mexico so far. I like to think I am a citizen of the world.

      • Yan onOct 11, 2012

        Yeah, hope so! So do we like to feel to be the world citizens…!

  2. t7 onOct 05, 2012

    Hi Misha and Yan, This set is the best ! Sooo sexxxy with Misha’s lovely suckable nipple peeking through and very nice creampie too all over her beautifully inviting pussy lips. You two must have been very very busy ;-) before shooting the photos.

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