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daily life
This video is in the setting of legendary sex on the beach, masturbation in heavens and public blowjob in the sea. It pictures Misha in her basically every day live during our three weeks stay of Thailand around the start of 2012.

All naked of course

Since our so called private beach was fairly public, but deserted and private at the same time, we would just hang around all naked and enjoying life the way nature wanted it :) .

This is not any hardcore sex video that should e enclosed for You, our proud members, but rather an extra treat for you guys :) .

I took some nice shoots of Misha preparing breakfast, so I also added this introductory into Thai exotic fruits, which is really nice and educative but unfortunately spoken in Czech – I will perhaps take care of subtitles in future. You can watch Misha cleaning her bracelet, later preparing drink and food and at the end listening to her being all excited about a jumping fish :) . Enjoy these shots from our daily life in this 9 minutes long video as our proud members and friends, not only because you wish to see us fucking :) .

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  1. t7 onNov 10, 2012

    What a beautiful video. Misha looks quite virginal in such a tranquil settiing. Look forward to more like this.

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