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real orgasm

It’s sure fun to watch Misha in different sexy moods, with different expressions. Now you can watch her before and after having super orgasmic sex. Take these sexy photos as a teaser for soon coming hardcore video blast.

Horny shower

Seeing Misha’s body twisting in various daily situation is of a daily satisfaction for me. However there are situations which are especially sexy and Misha’s deliciously sexy curves are extremely well underlined :) . Just like if she is sitting on a letter, having her ass pushed back, or when she is stringed in a bath tub, showering her golden hair and having foam floating down her back on her rocky ass mountain :) . She was still horny looking forward to fuck me after that shower.

Fuck me on a verandah

Since the sun wasn’t to rise forever, we have decided to get out pof the shower and enjoy our love making dry and in the comfort of sofa. We have taken over the beautiful verandah, spread our Masai blanket over the sofa and that’s where Misha ha taken over me and used me as her enormous source of passion and orgasm. Right after that I found her to be way so beautiful, laying in a real orgasmic mood, in the face of a setting sun, so that I had to click couple more photos of her.

Misha in real orgasm is gorgeously sexy!

Luckily I could not have resisted and had to click these sexy photos, because they touch an amazing momentum of a beautiful woman, going through nice after-effects of one big real orgasm, with a low setting sun shades on her face in this romantic atmosphere of mountainous wooden cottage deep in the forest :) .
Sounds almost too poetic, but this is exactly where we are right now, and from where we will keep sending you our regular sexy updates, so stay tuned and horny for what is coming next!

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  1. t7 onDec 10, 2012

    Wow ! Satisfaction. Thanks for sharing.

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