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Here we come with a new instant sexy video update shot on our phone once again. This time we have enjoyed our real amateur love making in an amazing hand made bath tub. With the quality of this video it feels almost nostalgic, when you take a look at our third sexy video ever shot 5 years ago:) We both enjoyed this amazing sex after almost two weeks of strange celibacy, which made this experience extremely passionate, and have no doubts that you will totally love it, too.

A sexy workout

Man, watching this video last night I am thinking again that Misha really had a nice sexy workout. At times she was saying that her legs hurt, however she kept on fucking me like a real champion and finally she fucked a whole lot of cum out of me:). Despite being close to droning in the tub neither I didn’t give up and had all the power to hold fast and go through this amazing hardcore fuck till the very sweet end.

Little bit of real amateur vintage style :)

As our video editing laptop broke down (again:/) we bring you some authentic sexy video captured with our phone (less demanding footage editable on Misha’s laptop). The quality is not beer&titties, but you shall enjoy the vintage kind of style with a spirit of the old days when full HD wasn’t taken for granted:).
After all, the more all of us will value the superb high quality videos when we will be able to edit them again – let’s hope it will be in no time.

Successful sex bloggers need to be instantly responsive :)

Despite having our laptop breaking down with all our stock sexy footage, despite our GoPro battery collapsing, and despite being super busy with construction during the day, we could still adapt to our undesirable situation and bring you this instant real amateur sexy video, so that you have something fresh to enjoy until we come with another stunning quality one!

Be prepared, because we plan to shock you with some super-hot Xmas photos very soon! :)

5 Responses to Amazing bath fuck

  1. t7 onDec 24, 2012

    No problem either. Celibate for 2 weeks. That really is amazing !!!!

  2. brunof onDec 24, 2012

    no poblem to me

  3. من ماى ايجى onDec 23, 2012

    Video not found

    • misha onDec 24, 2012

      Does anyone else experience this problem? To me it plays fine..

      • malafede78 onDec 24, 2012

        no problem. by the way, awesome bath Misha! ;-)

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