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sexy action

Once upon a Sunday, Misha and Yan went for a romantic walk/ride around their nighbourhood. Not only they have clicked a very nice pics of the surrounding of their current stay, but also they have documented for you Misha’s random sexy action, seconds before the sun came down.

Splendid drive

All around us is a paradise. We live in the middle of a forest, at the top of a mountain, overlooking the Taos Valley and other mountains around it. Whenever we leave or come back to our home, we are amazed from the surroundings and today, we can bring you part of that amazement:). There is still lots of sexy content coming, where you will have a chance to glimpse in how and where we live at the moment, however this random sexy action photo set will give you an idea how great it is here.

No tresspassing

On this nice walk through the lush green and almost deserted forest, believe it or not, it took us a while to find an adequate spot to expose Misha’s beautiful body to the sun and mountains. Regardless the stretched areas of nothing but trees, all these places belong to nearby houses and to us unknown “no tresspassing” signs kind of freaked us out from many nice spots. However finally we have met a nice juicy spots and Misha could finally let the world see her juicy curves.

Sexy action in face of sun

When Misha started to share her hot and sexy body with us, the sun was already playing among the branches of the pine trees and the sun started painting over Misha’s skin. It was not always easy to make a decent lighted picture with all the sun set colours, shines and shades, however I believe the outcome is still very gorgeous and I would still print life size Misha from most of those sexy pics.

We invite you to enjoy these amazing sexy photos as the outcome of spontaneous sexy action photo shoot, and for the next time look forward with us to some juicy home made video that will sure follow very soon!

Sexy Photos Preview

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  1. malafede78 onDec 17, 2012

    Beautiful landscape, beautiful Misha!

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