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I am sure that those of you who didn’t catch our first live shows last week will highly appreciate these archive records :) . We will always try to keep the best recorded quality for you in some sort of online archive so that you will be able to reach these any time in the future. We will run these amazing live shows regularly every week, so we have a lot to look forward to in this field :)

Three sexy live show videos right away? :)

Yeah, believe it or not, we sort of knew that the cam-recorder from the laptop will be crap, but not having any powerful computer (since Yan’s broke off and we are waiting for a new one) we also could not afford recording just DSLR footage because it might not have been editable and also not with the direct angle, we have also shot a little bit with our phone, but it got run out of battery, too :) .
So what we got? We got a our first sexy life show recorded and brought to you in HD video shot with our DSLR.This has been our first Live show at Friday night, which we recorded only on our DSLR. This very first sexy life show of ours ended up in great blowjob and Misha showing you her ass all over the screen, because not having sex for a week made me cum into Misha’s mouth even before she got to sit on me.
Then we got couple minutes shoot on our phone, before our action, which shows Misha being tremendously happy about our first time connection and life communication with yo guys. And finally we’ve got a full sexy life show action the other morning, being our second life show, when we were having fascinating sex, too! It is horrible quality compare to our DSLR footage, indeed and the timing of sound-video isn’t perfect at all, but yet you can enjoy this first interactive life show of ours at least from this record. I am sure we will work a lot on our Life Shows management and apart from the quantity – having regular weekly sexy life shows, we will also improve a lot the quality of our records. We will soon receive a laptop with much better web cam, but also we will definitely work out how to use the DSLR or other external device as the actual web cam.

Sexy Live Show video 1 – Misha twisting her sexy body and taking care of the fire in front of the camera.

The video that we present as sexy live show 1 is shot with our phone. It got out of a memory space very soon, so it „only“ features Misha twisting her naughty sexy body in front of the computer and later taking care of our fire, sticking her hard horny ass up in front of the laptop. „She asks you: do you guys enjoy it?“ …and I bet that even this is not a hardcore video, you will enjoy it’s soft, yet raw sexuality!

Sexy Live Show video 2 – Amazing blowjob and pussy licking of horny fire woman

This video is shot with our DSLR, so the quality is perfect, yet we couldn’t care much about the constantly great angle. Despite the video, same as all the live show videos being completely uncut, just as the live show was, you can enjoy some intense HD scenes of Misha popping her great ass up and down while giving me extremely pleasurable blowjob and later getting her pussy licked while reaching for one real orgasm!

Sexy Life Show video 3 – Fant-ass-tick sexy life show fucking

This was our first ever sexy live show and we didn’t recorded it through the best channel, plus Misha’s webcam in her laptop isn’t the best shot and the internet connection at a cloudy day sucked above all of it. Despite all that I can say that this video is yet worth it, with it’s unique authenticity, interaction and even the camera angle. We enjoyed the love making so much and that is what is the most important and overall most feelable thing from this video. We will sure improve all of our future recordings and you will be getting regular high end quality content even in this specific niche from us:).

Sexy Live Show video 4 – coming soon

There is one more HD footage from our Saturday morning live show fuck. This will be the very next sexy update coming, as soon as you will be able to digest the rest of the first live show record. Also very likely we will do another couple of live shows on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (MST).

Feelings during our first life show

As you can see Misha enjoyed these first life shows of ours tremendously and she was full of joy and it was just amazing to look at. I was slightly nervous and not exactly in my skin. It was little strange for me from the beginning, since I am not used to diverting my attention during making love to Misha. I was kind of feeling weird wanting Misha and having to deal with our attentions being distributed all around the place, the laptop, you guys:), the phone, the camera and all that :) . This is what we talk about in the second minute of the DSLR shot. However I have still enjoyed it so much as well and it was our first happy life show experience.

5 Responses to 3 Sexy live shows videos from our first live action!

  1. hanoon onJan 11, 2013

    nice misha i love u

  2. ckraemer07 onJan 04, 2013

    It is very unfortunate that I got no connection during the live shows. the great sexy videos are a small consolation. I’m already looking forward to the next time where I can see you live.

    • misha onJan 04, 2013

      Hi CKRAMER07, so make sure you will have connection tomorrow (Saturday) at 4 pm SMT and Sunday 10 am SMT. We will love to see you online while we’ll we live showing :)

  3. t7 onJan 03, 2013

    Wonderful! I thought I had missed it all so a big thank you for the catch-ups. The DSLR picture quality is superb and shows how horny you two are. It is a pity about the poor quaity from the phone but once you have the new laptop the shows will be fantastic. High quality webcam shows us just how sexy you two are. Can’t wait !!!!

    • misha onJan 04, 2013

      Thanks t7, yeah totally, I am sure we will improve the quality live show by live show and by the end of the month we will be getting some seriously cutting edge shows :) . Make sure you will catch the next live show tomorrow and on Sunday, as we will welcome every suggestion :)

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