fucking in a valley Fant-ass-tick_blowjob_and_fuck 2012-11-28_Sexy_girlfriend_in_a_lush_paradise_26 2012-11-13_Explosive_amateur_sex_bomb_45 2012-10-28_Public_blowjob_in_the_sea_31 2012-08-28_Anal_wedding_night wild_horny_girlfriend sexy_snow_art truck_girl pov

One of the most passionate moments, which went live right on for you was luckily recorded under this fabulously sexy angle. Without any move of the camera and without much cutting you can enjoy this great fuck and watch Misha’s amazingly sexy ass bouncing on my dick. For those who were live and enjoyed it once already this version comes with subtitles and in HD as a treat worth to watch! :)

Amazingly pointed sexy live show camera

Since we haven’t yet get the full board of our members to be present during our live show, we make sure we can still allow all of you to watch what has happened. This time we have set our camera in a way that all of us was perfectly seen and Misha’s gorgeous sexy ass is all the time nicely bouncing in front of it. Undoubtedly we can always set number of cameras and make you able to watch 5 or more different angles at the same time. How bout that ha?:)

Hot and sexy 69

Misha grabbed my dick and began to give me an awesome blowjob right away, not even giving much time to our fellow viewers to catch up. As soon as Misha started to twisting her ass to get even nicer angle for the laptop webcam, I took my chance and sneaked right behind her delicious bootie. I love biting and kissing Misha’s ass while she blows my dick and I absolutely can’t ad don’t even want to help it. You can watch in the full vid what kind of wild ride that was!

Getting in a habit of regular live shows

As our editing computer collapsed and we ended up only with Misha’s we decided to run our first sexy life show to supply our faithful members with your weekly sexy nutritions. Than we realized we can upload it without much editing and provide even those who weren’t lucky enough to be online at that time, so we had three sexy video updates for you at once. A week later we had amazing live fun again and again we are coming with high quality authentic record of two of our sexy live shows! Before the last sexy live show I bought a laptop from Walmart, for a meanwhile before I get my one from Sager, so this time we could even edit the HD footage for you and offer you this beautiful sexy video! Now our video blog almost looks like we only do sexy live shows :) . However we still have of 2 full discs of other sexy homemade material that is temporarily stuck in my broken laptop and waiting to be released. For now, we can enjoy this live show period in style and don’t miss single one:).

17 Responses to Incredible live show fuck

  1. James1776 onFeb 09, 2013

    Alas, I checked in today and had problems. The stream pixilated constantly and the video quality was very poor. I gave up and will view the the video when posted instead. This was on a i5 PC getting, at the time, a speed of about 35mpbs so the streaming should have been better. Was there a problem in upload from the site?

    • Yan onFeb 09, 2013

      Oh…I am sorry about it and thank you for telling us. We have had couple other people online and none of them really said anything about it. I thought the quality was really nice, yet we have still room to improve it, as we still broadcast through Misha’s computer, via Wi-Fi and the best performance will sure come through mine on the data cable. Yet the conditions here even with our internet are not perfect so we might wait for the biggest push until we get back home to Prague. Did u see us ever before live?

      • James1776 onFeb 10, 2013

        Since the site opened way back in 2006 or earlier with off and on subscriptions. Your quality improves every year but today I had problems.

        A recommendation, wish you would ask someone to do the filming for you, to become a part of the story line over time. I would think having some sexy thing on camera would be a pretty big turn on.

        • Yan onFeb 10, 2013

          Thanks James for your tips! We will sure take them into full consideration. I would personally not like other guy to be involved in either way, but who knows, maybe we’ll find some cool chick :) . By a sexy thing on camera you mean some toy? Or sexy clothes? Something to that effect?

          • James1776 onFeb 10, 2013

            Sorry, English slang..’sexy thing’ means hot sexy participant, male of female, your choice…someone to talk to and react with on camera.

        • Yan onFeb 11, 2013

          You dirty English men :) …I would never imagine “thing” to mean human :) . Well, you are right, we wanted to do this for quite some time already, but at the same time never want to force it and hunt human flesh for sexual interaction only :) . We do meet some nice girls quite often, but hey seem not to be into trio, not even mentioning the camera engagement:). Well, let’s believe we will be more lucky in near future. Will sure keep all posted how this evolves.

  2. t7 onJan 13, 2013

    Hi giys,
    Wondering if you will be online today even just for a chat? Misha’s sexiest live show ever really was.

    • misha onJan 14, 2013

      Hello T7,I am really sorry but we didn’t make it today. We had to skip this weekend because of the typical women problems but would try to make it up to you as soon possible, so stay tuned. I am really glad you liked the show, I still am a total newbie in it and hope to keep improving with every show. Feel free to let me know your ideas ;) :-*

  3. Jim onJan 12, 2013

    what is the live show and when its held and what about chatting !!!

    • Yan onJan 12, 2013

      Hello dear JIM,
      the live show is usually every weekend (most probably besides this one:) and is accessible for full members. This post features the record of the last live show that was last weekend. Again the full video is accessible by the full members only. We will share the chatting notes perhaps soon. We were out of internet connection for couple days now, because working in the desert. Hope you enjoy our site to it’s fullest. Greetings from Yan and Misha

  4. misha onJan 12, 2013

    Thanks guys!

  5. t7 onJan 12, 2013

    No problem for me either. Look forward to your next online show.

  6. ckraemer07 onJan 08, 2013

    i am also agree

  7. brunof onJan 08, 2013

    Hallo Misha, I agree to publish

  8. اساحبى onJan 08, 2013

    normal show

  9. misha onJan 08, 2013

    Hey guys, if those who were chatting that day agree I can also publish the chat notes if you liked…?

    • malafede78 onJan 12, 2013

      Misha, you can publish my comments as well for any live show.

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