fucking in a valley Fant-ass-tick_blowjob_and_fuck 2012-11-28_Sexy_girlfriend_in_a_lush_paradise_26 2012-11-13_Explosive_amateur_sex_bomb_45 2012-10-28_Public_blowjob_in_the_sea_31 2012-08-28_Anal_wedding_night wild_horny_girlfriend sexy_snow_art truck_girl pov

Today I have realized how interesting it would be to pick every now and than some of our early videos and recall about it in the blog. Especially for the young members, but I am sue that even older clicked-through faithful folks will appreciate to recall what were we like couple years ago. Plus it will be such nice opportunity for us to reflect upon the time and self change.

Today’s pick: Hot Morning Sun

This is indeed one my most favorite archive videos. It has all the elements of perfect being. There is contact with the sun as it rises when we go to make love. It is after a night spent on the beach as one of our most pleasurable icons. We are walking through the low sea level that rises as we make love on the morning sun. Right after we have gone to the camp, cutting fresh fruits for breakfast and enjoying the power of wonderful weather :) .

Have you seen this video before? And how do you like it? Which is your most favorite shot?

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