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As we have informed you in previous posts, we have started the self-sufficient build, made out of recycled materials, here in Prague, Czech republic. The workshop evolves really nice, the people who came over this and last week and worked with us are all very nice and hard working and so the project also blooms and makes us all very happy.


The full week of separation :/

It has been a long time ago since we were away from each other for so many days… 9 nights we haven’t slept next to each other and about 7 days we have even spent apart. It really felt like eternity. It was caused by the fact that my grandmother was not well and so I felt the necessity to go over to her place and take care of her better than the blunt painkillers would do. Well, and Misha had to stay in Prague , as it was the first week of our planned workshops and there were people signed up for the whole week and further. So Misha took care of the building site and I kept being a nurse for my grandmother :) . I will write more about it later :) .

Unbearable hot temperatures changing with flooding rains

The first week of the workshop was really awesome. The first days were baking hot, staying around
36 ° C. The first two days of this week it was shower-like raining the whole days and so the weather keeps to be insupportive :) .

Progressing despite the shitty weather

Working in all weather conditions, we have not been stopped and made an amazing progress with the built. We have finally managed the overflowing dirt (earth) situation. We got to a point, when we are to shoot a final level of the sub-floor and digging a drainage where all the will flow away from the house. Tomorrow or the day after, we will make the first tire course lay-out and start pounding the tires…hurrray!

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