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We are bringing you our very last sexual and intense real amateur anal sex experience. Enjoy it very much and be patient for it’s extension:).

Amazing foreplay by the swimming pool

We had a little rough morning, but as the day went on and we ate couple of kilos of apricots, enjoyed a swim in a lovely pool at my parents place, the mood got much better:). Later on we have laid at the deck and started caressing each other. At the time when I got completely hard and Misha got to be very very horny, we had to move inside the house as all the neighbors would really have a nice live show otherwise:)

The ladies days are here, but i want you to fuck me so bad

Indeed sometimes the anal sex is our prime choice, yet sometimes there is no other way. I am sure you know what I mean. This time it was little bit of both:). It has been a year back since we shared some of our anal sex videos with you, so we should give a little pay back:).

Responsive tools, but irresponsive memory :/

Even though this sexy action was very spontaneous, starting to happen by itself, at a sunny day by our family’s pool and we had no camera on us, we are luckily equipped with phones that deliver a decent footage without much of a hassle. Unluckily, we haven’t realized there is no memory card in the device and the phone’s memory run out after 2 and half minutes.

Promise of another juicy actions very soon

Ok, I never like to promise anything as I like to keep us to remain totally unchained by any outer obligations, yet there is one surprise that will make you veeery happy as it will bring a few of our new videos and thus much more regular updates than in last couple of weeks…yes you’re right – we are soon going for a working vacation:). Will keep you posted. Love from Misha and Yan
Let’s enjoy this video in a big style!

6 Responses to Unwatchable anal sex

  1. Yan onAug 24, 2013

    Hey guys! Thanks for your proposals, we will sure try to post more anal actions and close ups in future. We know there is a high demand for those, yet we try to keep the site very very natural and so the number of anal sex videos available reflects how often we actually like to enjoy it ourselves:). It is a special kind of mood thing for us:). Yet if you haven’t yet browsed through all of our videos I especially recommend you this one http://openlovesite.com/blog/2012/09/anal-wedding-night-2/
    and also if you click on the “anal” tag http://openlovesite.com/blog/tag/anal/ you will get to see quite a bit of it :) . However, we still take your wishes into account and our respected wish list:). Thanks!

  2. gueest onAug 23, 2013

    Nice vid!
    And what a beautiful hairy bush you have!! Finally!:-)
    Looks very sexy…hope that will growing more…

    And yes, I agree with the previous commenter! We would like close up! Close up this beauty hairy pussy and a real POV close up anal sex!!! Just fantastic!!

    And yeah…I know I’m so insatiable, but a close up facial with longer playing with cum…hmmm…would be fantastic! :-)

    Greetings!! Keep going! You are amazing!!!

    • Yan onAug 24, 2013

      That’s amazing that you like Misha’s natural pubic hear. She has just had herself a fresh shave and let just a little middle line remain. I kind of like anything she has down there, as I mainly enjoy her princess itself:). It is very good to know that you love it and we will also think of it to shoot a great close up of it once it grows nice and natural:). Lots of love from both of us!

      • GUEEST onAug 27, 2013

        Absolutely!! :-)

        And I don’t think that only me who is loving that beautiful full bush. What a pity that she shaved before a great closeup!! :(
        But anyway, I’m really happy to hear your promise!:-D Keep it! :-) This is a must have thing! A full bush close up vid, really need for the collection!
        I think many people would enjoy this, but me…extremely!!:-D
        I never thought before that Misha could have such a beauty full bush!!
        God…natural Misha…hmm…cant wait to see…:-)

        With a close up and maybe some anal…ok, I stop…:-D I keep following you guys, that’s for sure…:-D
        Till then wish you feel good and a good enjoy to her princess!! :-D

  3. Guest onAug 23, 2013

    Would love to see more anal in the future as you don’t post it very often. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a close up of the action before, it’s usually a far away camera. I would enjoy seeing closer angles if you decide to do another one!

    • gremlin08_76 onAug 26, 2013

      I agree with GUEST.
      I love your anal contents. Very hot and sexy. More please!! ;-)
      Greetings from Switzerland

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