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There is a touch of mysticism, a touch of erotics and a touch of real passion for making love right now, right here. Watch this video in full and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Floating in a heaven of erotics

All those 18 minutes of this wonderful sexy video are on an amazing wave of beautiful erotics, seeing Misha float on the sea waves and watching shots of her beautiful tits just above the sea level, or her amazing ass shaking bellow the water, all this makes me really melt away. You will be so horny and on the teased edge of cum, yet she will not let you go so easily, but rather tease you all the way to the end. There is also lots of kissing and romantics through thought the whole of this video. It is a taste of something different than in all our other videos and we hope you will love it same much as all our other hardcore sex archive.

Underwater love-making

Have you ever tried making love under water? Of course, in a bathtub it is a piece of cake, as you can still bang it easily above the water and yet stroke in the water. However in the sea, when all your body is bellow the sea level, the water resistance is much stronger and it is really hard to stroke:). Well, you can watch the full video and see how we have succeeded/or not :)

All the best from India from Misha and Yan :)

9 Responses to Underwater sexy action – the full video

  1. andrew onSep 28, 2013

    ok yan i will take your advice and join when video come!
    i must admit i was a bit frustrated with porn on other site the day i wrote that comment:)))))) i like ur sexy romantic videos! the trials of being a single man yan!!!!

    • Yan onSep 28, 2013

      Yeah Andrew, it should be there by tomorrow brother. As you know, we are too often too busy to deliver sexy videos on bullet-proof-regular basis. However we very much love our “job” and try very hard to be as regular as possible. So I hope that once the video will be up, you will once again enjoy a long period of top quality, regular sex :) . I also hope for you to find the perfect matching woman very soon, and enjoy the regularity even there :) . Where are you from Andrew?

      • andrew onSep 28, 2013

        Australia, well Adelaide South Australia. I have watched your site since 2007. Actually your site brought me to chaturbate! and i have spent way too much time watching the couples on there.

        • Yan onSep 29, 2013

          Well, I hope we will also get back to live shows one day. It requires regular “free time” for us, which is quite impossible recently. But I believe some time soon we will again be able to afford the luxury of regularity:). Maybe moving to south Australia would help :) …we really do dream of living in a ever green climate as it is so much more motivating for us to go out and shoot something in nature, rather than being creative in a daily live back home, especially during cold winters :) .

          • andrew onSep 30, 2013

            Yes Australia is a lucky country our economy is strong. We don’t have terrorism, our economy is buoyant and the weather is superb. I cannot complain in anyway it is hard to get a visa to live here though, as so many people want to immigrate.

  2. Yan onSep 26, 2013

    Hey guys, yes I love the video, too. The view was really amazing and now wait for what is coming next :) because this coming video is also in such an amazing nature sight…and yes ANDREW, the coming video will be full of sex :) so take your time for the best moment:).

  3. hilocrc onSep 23, 2013

    Great video! Nice view! Looking forward to the next video. Keep up the good work guys.

  4. malafede78 onSep 23, 2013

    Great video Misha and Jan. Love the way Misha plays with her sexy tongue and ass! Nice to know that you’re in India. Have a great time and maybe Misha might hook up with some sexy indian girl and finally show us some hot lesbian sex!

  5. andrew onSep 23, 2013

    glad i am not paying for a video with no sex , and i was about to join

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