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sexy in a paradise
Misha is always turned on by natural artifacts. You have seen some sexy shots from Krabi, Thailand, where the natural sites were really, just amazing. This day was recalling those Krabi days, as wherever Misha looked, and all around her – the nature was not less sexy than Misha herself.

Arriving to heavens

When we parked our bike and took a walk along the beach, after a while it almost looked like we will not find a quite place to shoot a single sexy photo. However, after about 20 minutes of walking, we have crossed couple of rock cliffs and arrived to an absolutely stunning greenery heaven. The sea waves were breaking against a huge round rocks and above them there was an endless plain of lush green with semi high shrubs, tall palm trees and somewhat wild grasses. This was a real turn on for both of us and we have immediately realized that this is our today’s studio :) .

Getting wild and shy at the same time

It was kind of unusual how Misha was getting really horny and wild, and yet shy and pissed of as we were spotted and watched by two guys from the far away cliff. She wanted to get all naked and jump at me, but yet she didn’t want to do anything until she saw those people watching and getting closer to us with no shame. Finally when Misha got topless, despite the guys watching us, she was getting more and more hidden inside the rocoung real ks til I have strongly waved them away and we could finally relax.

Let’s move and enjoy some fucking in nature

Finally, when we saw nobody in the diameter of couple dozens of meters, we have decided to move further to the open plain and look for the most perfect setting for our real amateur hardcore love making :) . We shot some more juicy photos on the way, so you can reflect on Misha’s sexy body and the joy in her face all the way til we have finally set and made love.

Enjoy it and look forward to what will follow

As we have shared our excitement the very same day, you most probably know what has followed this sexy photo shoot. Yes – it was a totally amazing fuck in that lush greenery, with the erected rocks and smashing sea waves in the background. We could have hardly find a more sexy place to make love at. It was a total blast, which made us once again realize how much we love our “job” and how we are bloody good at it :) .
Let’s hope these photos are going to saturate you enough until the actual sexy video (which followed) will be ready :) .

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7 Responses to Sexy lady in public paradise – juicy photo set

  1. ghoul1 onOct 31, 2013

    wow, you 2 are gone for almost an entire month without any message whatsoever, should we be worried, did something bad happend to you? hopefully not, let you members and sympathiser know whats going on. anyway, hope everything is fine.

  2. P33R1 onOct 29, 2013

    I thought this website updated at least weekly?

    • Yan onOct 31, 2013

      Yes our friend, it should be, yet it is only two of us involved and when things get above our head we are also limited by our time. Hope change is on it’s way :) .

  3. malafede78 onOct 25, 2013

    Hey Guys! What’s up! Were missing you!

  4. ghoul1 onOct 22, 2013

    hey you two, are you allright? its been a while, where you captured by maoist rebels? or where you hit by the storms? anyway i hope you both are allright and havea lot of fun.

    • Yan onOct 31, 2013

      Hey GHOUL1 and all others, we are very sorry of not catching up with the site for past weeks. We have been both apart temporarily and very busy in different parts of the world, with different activities. We will soon explain everything in coming posts… We apologize to all the subscribed folks for this month, yet we hope to get your happiness back in coming months :) .

  5. t7 onOct 05, 2013

    very sexy underwear

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