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naturally sexy in greenery

This amazing sexy photoset, which is full of passion and excitement, was shot just before the amazing hardcore sex action followed. You could see the later outcome in the last personal sexy video of ours. We know you will enjoy this sexy photo collection equally much!

Embracing the eternity

When we were climbing the steep beach cliff, we didn’t really have much expectation. However when we reached the top and looked around we thought we have just entered the heavens. Misha had an amazing experience with transforming the noises (tinnitus) in her ears into a psytrance music and I have also enjoyed the fullness of the place. It felt like all around us is the sea and we are the Godly couple that is about to make love at the summit. Misha has played with her body in the wind and I could be nothing but an amazed observer!

Misha is a sexy goddess

Looking at every single of these pictures makes me love Misha more and more until I feel the total respect and adornment to her like to a real goddess. Her body, her movements captured in the photography and her feeling towards us is so amazing. She is a true goddess to me.

Amazing 86 sexy photos to enjoy

Each one of these 86 sexy photos is my favorite and would deserve to be hanged in the life proportions above each man’s bed. Don’t you think so?

Sexy Photos Preview

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  1. OLS_Lover onNov 25, 2013

    There’s a problem with the zip file…it doesn’t contain all of the pics.

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