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It has been a while since we have posted the last sexy update, and so we should harmonize the atmosphere with a real sex bomb blast. This video is no doubt representing it and despite being low on our voices (as being on a sea rock cliff) you will jump out of your body and watching the sexy motion.

Swimming in the ocean of passion

This is no doubt one of the most sexy video contributions we have made recently. Usually when we are in such sexy and unique places, I can actualy very hardly focus into ourselves, but this day was somewhat very unique and in it’s connection we have just flew along with the awesome nature and in harmony we were enjoying up above this beautiful public beach.

Public blowjob to be kindly interrupted

We have first laid down on the very edge of the cliff, next to the small path we came from. When we got tuned for the environment we ended up in, Misha started slowly proceeding from my lips to the bottom and before I have even noticed on my heavenly flow, she was giving me her best blowjob she can do and there was only one way back from the heavens for me. Yes, unfortunately the way back was unexpected company. Two older guys on the crab hunt got in Misha’s sight with my dick in her mouth only couple meters in front of us. I don’t know how much they have or haven’t seen, but it was definitely a freaking out situation for our little princess.

Climb higher and love harder

When we have shaken of the initial shock of the two guys passing by, we have decided to move a bit higher up the cliff and enjoy even more amazing view and even more amazing sex :) .
It was a bit of a rock-climbing, but it was definitely very worth it as the experience at the top was over-topping:). We had to get the best out of our bodies, as only to keep balance on that surface was a taught task. To be able to stand behind each other, enjoy the passion, kiss each other and make love was a very unique moment and we are happy to share it with you. I am only glad that the real powerful orgasms yet allowed us to stay on our legs and we can share the story with you :) .

I will no longer describe the hot and sexy act, as you can watch it yourself in the teaser as well as in the full sexy video. Enjoy the 18 minutes of this hot moment of ours give us a feedback to inspire Misha to share her feelings from this sexy action..

2 Responses to The most sexy goodly connection

  1. t7 onNov 26, 2013

    Excellent compilation. We need much more. Keep posting and sexing.

  2. hilocrc onNov 18, 2013

    Great video! I love the reaction when you almost got caught! ;-)

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