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What else would make you more happy than watching Misha’s passionate real orgasms over and over. No, not one and the same real orgasm rewinded, but new and new ones following in one flow.

Misha going crazy horny!

Some of you know honeymoons. And I don’t know how crazy fucking you were on your honeymoon, but ours was a one continuous blast. And when I was having a break and Misha couldn’t grasp on me anymore, she would just keep masturbating herself and thanks to her wanting me to keep the camera on all the time, we can now see at least four of her juicy and so real orgasms in a row.

Misha playing around with her sexy body

I can remember many members asking for more footage of Misha playing around with her naked gorgeous body and now with this video looking at her hot sexy curves, I really want to hold her body and show it my love!

Misha’s amazing real orgasms

It looks like Misha was really not getting enough that day and night. We had enjoyed an awesome sex together for 3 or 4 times that day and gosh, you can see yourself in this full video how many times Misha has it coming herself!

One real orgasm after another with close up everywhere

Not only that I haven’t missed a single of of Misha’s real orgasms, but also I have taken so many detailed sexy close-ups that you will appreciate it with no doubt. I mean there is hardly anything better for me than looking at Misha’s face overflowing with sexual joy and passion, together with her sexy body, straining in orgasm and the details of each and every of her curve following in one flowing sexy video!

Hope you will enjoy it and look forward to the second part of this sexy night.

5 Responses to Continuous real orgasms – the full video

  1. t7 onDec 21, 2013

    Great. Very much Misha. Misha very orgasmistic.

  2. HHBiJung onDec 03, 2013

    There is something wrong with this file. It stops playing after about 3 minutes in both Windows Media Player and VLC. Can you please have a look?

    • QuVUd43 onDec 04, 2013

      Yup I have the same issue. Looks like the upload isnt finished.

    • Yan onDec 04, 2013

      Uuups I am sorry guys, I kind of twisted the videos part I and part II, both are done and the other has not yet fully uploaded, so take that as a peak into the next week sexy update :) . Now it should be all fine, let me know if not. Sorry for the inconvenience and have great days!

      • HHBiJung onDec 04, 2013

        Looks fine now, thanks for the quick help!

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