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sexy eve under fig tree

We always now where to go and what to do :) . And that fits not only, but especially for our sexual life that we are sharing with you :) . Sometimes we have not the best equipment to eventually share the whole sexy video story with you, but always we bring back something tha sits you back :) . Just like this lusty and amazingly sexy photoset.

Using the studio of sexy and mystical abundance

We always like the play of nature, how amazingly she fits the most sexy environment for us, to just come and make love :) . Misha is such a nice and innocent natural princess that slowly but surely opens her gorgeous, sporty and strong, most well fit body, to adore in it it’s all expressions, either wild and naughty, or innocent and scared :) .

The most juicy fig orchard at a big plain

The fig orchard by which we have stopped and walked little bit in, was spread on a huge plain and we were never really sure if there are some people in distance in between the trees or not :) . That is also why we have made so many hot photos, because since start till finish we felt like anybody can interrupt us and so we have to click and shoot a lot before it happens :) .

Fixing a fig tree leave to become the Eve :)

As you know, one of the most well known stories told to humanity, is the Adam and Eve – covering their intimate parts with Fig leaves. Staying in Croatia, in abundance of fresh and juicy figs, we couldn’t really resist to this sexy and mystical theme and had to shoot something :) .

Now let’s see sexy Misha undressing in the first part of this photoshoot (54 sexy photos in total) and let’s start looking forward to the other part, where Misha plays sexy EVE ;) .

Sexy Photos Preview

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One Response to Sexy Misha is transforming into sexy Eve

  1. Frede12 onFeb 23, 2016

    love your outdoors pix and above all love the VERY SEXY blonde bodyhairs … dont wax them, it is very appealing !

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