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Hey guys, I hope you had some wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the best in the year 2014. I am sorry we’ve been so quiet during the holidays. To be honest it was one of the most difficult times of my life. Our distant relationship with Yan reached it’s peak and it wasn’t possible for us to go on in the same way. So that’s why we decided to separate for now. For me it was very difficult and I was down for most of the holidays.

Yet I had to somehow carry on with the daily activities involving the Villa and my apartment, which I keep renting to foreigners. On the 27th December I had to go to my flat to clean it up. My friend went there with me and we took the camera with us. Although we had much greater plans for the day, the guests arrived much earlier than we hoped and so we didn’t have time to do as many photos as we would like to. So here are just few photos so that you can see how I looked like during the Christmas ;) .

Shooting new content

The good news is that I am getting much better in past few days and we were even able to shoot some sexy content for you. One video is a solo of me masturbating and the other one is a strip tease in a bathroom. We also made one photoset with a guitar and shot some photos of me doing the laundry while still being naked. My friend loves to take photos of me during daily actions so I believe that it will add some fresh air to our content on the site and you will also be able to get to know me better ;) . We will try to post some new content every week and can’t wait to read your comments.

Sexy Photos Preview

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6 Responses to Sexy Clean-up

  1. OLS_Lover onJan 15, 2014

    Hey Misha, hope that we don’t have to wait too long to see your sexy vids!

  2. Jeff onJan 08, 2014

    I’m sorry things hadn’t been going well for you and Yan. Fans of the website probably only know a small amount of the relationship. I just hope you are both happy. As a fan of the website, I also hope that you continue with the updates!

  3. OLS_Lover onJan 07, 2014

    Sorry to hear about the temporary detachment. Nonetheless, I see from the pics that you are looking as sexy as ever! ;-) Looking forward to the videos! A big hug!

  4. misha onJan 07, 2014

    Hey, I wouldn’t exactly say that we have given up. It’s just that we both feel that the relationship is totally different when we are apart and can’t communicate as much as we would like to. We realized that in fact the relationship as it is now is causing us more problems than making us happy. And since we have so many projects going on we need to count on as much free energy as possible.

    To be honest I was totally down for the past two months and I have enough of that. I will keep loving Yan and we can get together once more in the future. But right now I feel it’s much better for me to learn to be on my own than keep thinking about how great it would be if we were together…

    • ghoul1 onJan 08, 2014

      ah ok, it really sounded kinda bad but in that way its actually pretty good and if it makes you and yan happy its all good as far as i see it.

      just take care and dont stress yourself to much.

  5. ghoul1 onJan 07, 2014

    well that is sad to hear/read, and tbh im quite suprised especially since you love each other so much.

    to tell you a little story, im together with my gf for 6 years and we couldnt see each other in that time cause we’re to poor, still we try to make it work because we love each other so much.

    that is not to say we’re a good example, heck no, my gf and me are a extreme case and i know it, but the 2 of your wernt even away from each other for 6 month, actually much less then that.

    so yeah, im just so suprised that at the first big chalang of your love and marriage you allready start to break up.

    well i hope everything will work out for the 2 of you and if not that you go out in a good way, seperate as friends not as enemys.

    anyway, have a good new year misha and yan and all the rest.

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