fucking in a valley Fant-ass-tick_blowjob_and_fuck 2012-11-28_Sexy_girlfriend_in_a_lush_paradise_26 2012-11-13_Explosive_amateur_sex_bomb_45 2012-10-28_Public_blowjob_in_the_sea_31 2012-08-28_Anal_wedding_night wild_horny_girlfriend sexy_snow_art truck_girl pov


The last photoset from the Kinky Misha tied up and Sexy Solo and New Misha photo series. This photoset doesn’t have much nudity and is rather of an artist nature ;) . My days have been very intense lately. It looks like I really am creating my reality :) and sometimes I am creating it more than I am actually able to process and integrate, lol. I however strongly believe that everything is happening for a purpose and I am trying to surrender to this purpose and let it manifest through myself.

Ever since we have split with Yan into two continents I had a strong feeling that I have to decide between ego and some higher self. The ego always wanted to be with Yan, to be in my comfort zone and do things like I have done them for many years. The higher self realized that this is a great opportunity for growth both internally and externally (in projects, etc.). So I have been in this kind of suffering where I had to completely shed my ego to be able to rise up and nurture the new Misha. Slowly things are starting to make sense and I am realizing how important this time has been for me and how much it has given me. I believe that today will be an important day for the future.

The need to feel protected

For past few days I have been wondering whether the new Misha needs a partner who is taking care of her. It’s been on my mind for a while and I keep scrutinizing it. I realized that it is a strong need that all women have, probably some kind of instinct. So if I won’t like to be protected, would I rebel against the nature? Today my friend told me that we need to take care of the earth because then it will take care of us. And I strongly agree with it, yet I realized that we are the earth as well and therefore the men are part of it. I think this question will be with me for some time now because I can’t see clear answer yet.

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