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These are some more photos, kind of continuation of the Kinky Misha tied up photo series. My friend doesn’t have much time to edit the photos and that’s why he decided to split the photoset into three separate sets, so one more is still to come. A great member also offered to edit the solo video from this series and it will be online for you tomorrow! I hope you will enjoy these photos in the same way as I have enjoyed making them :) .

Misha alone again

For more than two weeks I have finally been able to feel quite good even though Yan wasn’t with me. I concentrated on myself, I knew that I have to want the best for myself and that’s how I operated. I had to strip myself from nearly all the beliefs and values I had. Because most of them were in some way or the other linked with Yan and our relationship. Now I was alone and had to deal with it. I started rebuilding Misha from the scratch. It was a really hard work and still is, plus I can’t really get used to the new thoughts and images that I have. So often I get into completely new situations completely unprepared and I behave in a new way as if I would be someone else. I am always amazed by myself :D . It’s really strange and funny in a way.

New Misha is arising

This new Misha is much stronger than the old one. She loves herself very much and believes that she will achieve everything that she wants to achieve. She can be very happy in any situation, she doesn’t need anyone to make her happy because she is just happy by herself with herself. She knows she deserves the best of the best and nothing less. She is determined to keep building her life exactly in a way she wants it to be. The new Misha can say to her friend straight away: “I want you to take me out for a dinner” or “I want you to fuck me over here” or “I want you to lick my pussy” because she knows what she wants and that it’s only her who actually can know that :D . That’s why she simply asks for things she wants and doesn’t create bullshits in hear head instead :D . Yes, it might be a bit scary, right? Do you think you would like to meet the new Misha?

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4 Responses to Sexy Solo and New Misha

  1. Yan onFeb 15, 2014

    Love the photos and can’t wait to be home :) !

  2. OLS_Lover onFeb 07, 2014

    For us, you are always the number 1! Hope to see you on live shows soon, or at least properly fucked by your friend in a sexy video!!!

  3. ghoul1 onFeb 06, 2014

    i think its good that you “throw” away stuff that might hinder you and i always like it when people can be clear about what they want and what not and arnt so vague about everything. so thats good.

    just have fun and dont loose yourself.

  4. James1776 onFeb 06, 2014

    You are a very unique woman who has seen and done more in your few years than most folk manage in a lifetime. You are strong and brave and will rebound. It also does not hurt that you are very easy to look at. I wish my family (sisters) were as strong, compassionate and daring. Good to see you are back online. Best of luck.

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