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very sexy bath

Joining forces on shooting these beautiful bathroom pics, up and downloading them across half the globe and editing them into the most pleasantly watching form, we bring you this fresh hot content in the form of 39 very sexy photos from Misha’s current bathroom :) .

Perfectly glamored sexy bathing Misha

The pics have very glamored and mystically sexy touch. The candle light, the drizzling water and Misha’s sexy curves make the whole photoset just irresistible. It makes me really happy to see Misha treating herself in a romantic bath, with a good food and drinks and leading us through her sexy ceremony of the evening rejuvenation. How much I would love to be the soap in her bath right now ;) …well I will be home in about a weeks time, so perhaps I will have a chance and you will have again many new updates to look forward to :)

All the best from Goa and Prague!
Misha and Yan

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4 Responses to Very sexy bath – juicy pics

  1. Yan onMar 23, 2014

    Hi guys, things has been more than vibrant since I have returned back from India. Therefore we are every day on sort of an edge, not knowing where we are standing. However we do want to keep up sharing uor intimate lives with you. So yes, updates are coming soon. I am editing our last archived video right now, and we will see what will come up next :) . Even though Misha and I have both intimate feelings for other people, I am already horny for her, as she is sitting here next to me, while I watch her giving me blow job on the video :) . We will sure reflect whatever will be in our lives on (y)our site and thus more and more interesting times are coming up, both in our lives and on this (inter)
    personal sex site :) . A new video should be up tomorrow :)

  2. OLS_Lover onMar 21, 2014

    Hey guys! Whats up? How are things? Any update coming soon?

  3. andrew onMar 08, 2014

    Hi Yan, does that mean you and misha will be back together?
    In one of the other posts did you say she has been with the person taking all the photo’s intimately?

  4. OLS_Lover onMar 02, 2014

    Supersexy Misha! Great news that Yan is coming back! Might we finally see a threesome on video?

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