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sexier than ever
Since I have returned back to Czech republic, many things has changed, as always :) . It is very tricky to talk about anything as fixed view of ours, in these unsatable times, as I feel we are in period of constant impermanence, yet it will sure be interesting to share whatever we feel in the depth of our hearts.

The development of our open relationship
Since I have decided to stay in Goa, India, to establish the second Villa Flora (first being in Prague, where we live right now), Misha has naturally flown into relationship with our years long friend, a brother and the most pure blood mate. It could not be more diffiult and easiest at the same time to accept this fact, due to our mutual brother-sister-hood that we share among the three of us. Since than I have been floating between being in love with other women, and all of us at the same time, in which I am still trying to recognize the deep truths and the compensating reactions. Right now, the actual love that I feel towards the sweet girl sitting right next to me, is helping me a lot to read in between the lines of my consciousness play and try to feel what is me and what is her:). It is very strange and yet the most beautiful experience with the open relationship that we have set with Misha, starting with our marriage, one and half years ago.

Do I go back to Goa, or do I stay?
These feelings are also consantly changing, as being in the Villa Flora in Prague feels like home, surrounded by people that are on the very same level, frequency and sensitivity towards the world we are playing huge part in. Yet, the “mission” on establishing another Villa Flora in Goa has been too much of an effort to leave it behind. Ideally it could turn out as going there with somebody from here in the Prague’s Villa and with the joint forces keep on the efforts towards creating the world Villa Flora’s network :) .

What does all this mean for the Open love site?
We both want to keep on our work here on Open Love Site, keep sharing our intimate and interactive live, of course including our personal sex life :) . It is sure changed since we have not been living together as partners for some time now, yet we could share all that we do alone and with others :) . We will probably more specialize on Misha’s sexy photos and solo videos and pull out some of our unedited archives :) . Taking it from the right end and keeping the regular updates, it might be another very interesting phase of the Open Love Site.
What do you think and feel about our recent developement?

10 Responses to Yan’s arrival to Czech republic – the current and future OLS – sexier than ever or end of all?

  1. hilocrc onMar 25, 2014

    Misha and Yan,

    I will be very honest. I have been a huge fan and follower (on/off member) of your site since the days of WUF almost 9 years ago I think.

    Personally, I think it may not be worth for (most) people to pay for few and inconsistent updates. I truly respect and understand that you have your lives to live and this is not by any means your full time job. I enjoy how you have open your lives and your sexual lives with all of us. It is awesome! Thanks!

    If you want to continue to share your lives and experiences with THIS COMMUNITY, I would suggest a free platform, perhaps something like a Tumblr blog, I have seen a few Tumblr sites (or reddit.com) where couples share and open their lives to others, post photos (imgur.com) and videos (xtube.com) using free tools. You can do it when you can and if you want… there is no pressure, for anyone…

    On regards of staying in Prague or going back to Goa. Follow your heart! Where does life feel the best? I think you can accomplish a lot and live within your principles anywhere you are… where does life seem to flow the best? You had a good taste of life in Goa for 6 months. Was it frustrating and miserable? Was it the best time of your life? Is being with Misha essential for your happiness?

    Many years ago my GF and I decided to move in different directions despite of the fact that we were still in love. After a while with went on with our lives, in separate ways… however after many years we both regret having parted separate ways… it is now too late for both of us as we now have families, but we always wondered if we should have stayed together.

    Good luck to you both and peace!

  2. davez onMar 24, 2014

    Are we going to see Misha with yuor common friend? It would be so nice for us .I have the impression to be part of the familly following you for such a long time

    • Yan onMar 25, 2014

      You definitely are part of our family :) ! Our friend, as I just spoke to him, doesn’t yet feel to be the active part of our site, though. He is a teacher in kinder-garden which makes it understandable for his external image security :)

      • davez onMar 25, 2014

        you could put a video of Misha and your friend without seeing his face.This would be nice for us ,to see how different everything can be.She could discribed too ,or you putting video of yourself.
        So far I have just been with my ex!!

        • Yan onMar 25, 2014

          Hey Davez, our mate simply doesn’t feel like being active part of it – it’s not just about his identity not being revealed. So we should respect it. However Misha could maybe give us some sexy insider story ;)

          • davez onMar 25, 2014

            your mate could film you ….????

  3. OLS_Lover onMar 23, 2014

    Thanks for the update Yan. Honest advice? Don’t leave for Goa without Misha. I think she’s too precious to risk loosing. Stay with her and don’t leave her behind. Your relationship must be the top priority, ahead of any professional expectations.

    • Yan onMar 24, 2014

      You are right bro, this is the thought that has overwhelmed me right when I came back…it was a risk and destabilizing experience just enough to grow further, but I won’t be taking any further risks any more…. not before we are solid again and ready to go together :)

  4. Roel onMar 23, 2014

    That’s a difficult challenge for you two. It seems you both were intimate with others during your short seperation (damn Misha, why didnt you call me ;-) ). If you two both agree and really feel this is OK, it’s fine. If one of you gets second thoughts, it’s much harder to accomplish. Keep your eyes open and always communicate!
    I hope you guys provide some new work… And I hope you two f*ck like bunnies now you’re back together. Take care.

    • Yan onMar 24, 2014

      Hehe, you are totally right Roel in the point a)we are both fine with it, yes, full of challenges, andsecond thoughts come often actually, but it feels like we are getting deeper and deeper in this open love truth and the feelings of total wholeness and inter-connection with allthe sexy people around us that has been changing with confusion and frustration, is now getting more and more overwhelming and solid above the diminishing ego-centric feelings. For this challenge we have to talk and reflect a lot, yet I know that the two of us will succeed and we are opening the whole new expirience and big revelation not only for us, but also for all the people around us :) . To be most hones, we have not been having sex together since the video I am going to post today or tomorrow (6 months ago:) and still we feel right about it and still we feel that we are getting closer and closer every day and the time for new start and shoots and videos for you is behind the corner…today weboth felt it is a quetsion of days! :)

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