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erotic beauty
Voalaaaa. The new veeery sexy update is here. Sexier than ever Misha will be seducing you you in this juicy homemade photoset from sunny Croatia, before and after we have made love on the sun-heated stone wall. Though, the love making video from this sexy action is next, you should have some 49 totally amazing photos to stare at, when you think of our hot madona :) .

Looking for the best spot for making love in nature

Not that we would make love elsewhere than in nature, especially in summer, but every single time it is just soooo exciting and beautiful to set for a trip together and search for the best spot to make love. This time we were on a trip with Misha’s granny and little sis, so we had to be especially inkognit and make sure not to show any photos from our “afternoon walk” :) . Finally we found a spot a bit away from the most beaten see path and copying the dry stone wall, we got to a nice sunny place, in the middle of the green late summer plain, to catch some last sun strokes and get some strokes on our own :) .

The erotic beauty of Misha is just fant-ass-tick

We are just melting over these beautiful photos that are breathing out with joy, enjoyment and the erotic beauty is bursting out of it in all directions. I thank god, which is in all of us for giving us all this beauty and joy to our eyes, and ability to transform the feeling out of it to all other senses and way beyond our sensual consciousness, too.

Starting with sexy photos and letting it flow further

I can almost never just shoot photos of Misha, or any other girl I guess :) . Looking at the diva’s beauty, all the ideals rise up to my head and I sense my heart, and my dick beating as long as it rings the alarm in my brain and I am in urge need to make love! The last time when I took pics of Nikita, our friend, I could only hold myself rationally and eventually I succeeded I don’t even know how. However this time there was no need to resist and after couple of photos, we let the evolution of events flow and made wonderful love right on the sun heated wall. It was amazing and you will be able to see the full video, perhaps as the next sexy update. Stay tuned and motivate us even more to get even closer to us ;)

Love from Yan and Misha

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17 Responses to Erotic beauty of heavens

  1. hilocrc onMay 27, 2014

    They are both OK, Yan is still at CZ, the are really busy with their busy lives. I think this website simply is low priority at the moments, but they are OK, not sure is they are lovers but definitively still friends and sharing many aspects of their lives together

    • Amy Wert onMay 30, 2014

      This website has always been very important to Yan, has devoted much time and energies to make this website, for this reason it is very strange and I’m very concerned, that has happened by some accident, Yan really loves Misha, and I if you have problems in the relationship, he should not be depressed, I’ve always been a little in love with Yan is a very interesting and very hot man, I admire yan for it, I’ve enjoyed sharing with them this website

    • Yan onJul 01, 2014

      Hello all, yeaaaah we are alive :) . We are so sorry to cause confussions and worries if we are well :) . We have been very busy both physically and mentally, and also both practicaly and in our relationship. I hope you will forgive us if we deserve it by posting updates in a bit closer coming future :) .
      With love Yan and Misha

  2. Amy Wert onMay 27, 2014

    please Yan contact with me

    • stonefield21.2 onMay 27, 2014

      Hi Amy,

      as you i wish to greet back Misha and Yann.
      But May I tell you your Facebook page is just amazing ? Well You are just amazing ;-)

      May I ask you how kind is your friendship with Leona and Tommy ? I was one of the fist fan, a time ago (Do you remember Leona and her corn ? I suggested her the shooting).
      I left them a few times ago… And I would very happy to talk about them with you. I am sure you can tell me many new things about theit movement…
      Please felle free to contact me




      • Amy Wert onMay 30, 2014

        I’ll appreciate your words Stone, but my interest is only by Yan, I hope you’ll understand, Greetings

        • stonefield21.2 onJun 10, 2014

          Never mind Amy and keep friendship !

          I found just funny we share interest for Misha and Yan (my gf also love yan ;-) ), for Fuck For Forest and even for J&M !

          what else ? lol


    • Yan onJul 01, 2014

      Amy when are you coming to Prague? :)

      • Amy Wert onJul 04, 2014

        ohhh Yan is a dream for me to know Prague!!!! and is a dream share this with you!!!!! kisses

  3. Amy Wert onMay 27, 2014

    Yan, are you all right? why are you missed? i dont understand….

  4. Furio onMay 22, 2014

    Agree with Lupo. More updates and I would subscribe too.

    • Lupo onMay 23, 2014

      Thanks Furio.
      5 weeks and no update. I miss you guys.
      I guess there are some serious problems there.
      Hope you will sort it out.
      good luck Misha and Yan.

  5. OLS_Lover onApr 29, 2014

    Hi Guys! How are you? I must confess that we’re all feeling a little left out of your lives lately! Please keep us updated and keep the vids coming! Twosomes, threesomes and all the rest! ;-)

  6. Amy onApr 26, 2014

    I want toshare with your the site of my friends Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen,
    Fuck For Forest, a project of “eco erotic” cut, which seeks to raise funds to finance environmental projects offering amateur erotic material. Based in Berlin, today has approximately 4,000 members and slogans that leave no room for misunderstanding: Change reality with love and sexuality or Saving the planet is sexy.

    In its ten years of existence, Leona and Tommy have raised 250,000 euros have been used to fund eight environmental projects in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Slovakia. “We support local initiatives that have an idealistic intent, and always dealt directly with groups working in the area, so you always know who we support and how the money is used”
    It is a wonderful project and it somo more every day that we UNIMO sen this fight to save the planet and enjoy our sexuality.

    Join us and each day will be more
    Peace and Love
    Amy Wert

  7. OLS_Lover onApr 19, 2014

    Lovely pics! Can’t wait for the video!

  8. gp onApr 17, 2014

    poor, very poor

  9. Lupo onApr 16, 2014

    Hi Guys!
    first of all let me tell you that you are both fantastic!
    I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time now.
    unfortunately I do not subscribe to your website because updates are not frequent enough.
    Now that you are real an open couple you have a wonderful oportunity.
    embrace your love and sublime it. get excited by sharing your wonderful sexuality.
    there are no limits now.
    why don’t you do a three some. or why dont you take pictures while Misha and her other man kiss or play?
    use your gelosy and turn it into sex desire and addiction.
    imagine checking Misha’s pussy and find out she has been used by another man and then smell her and touch her and use your gelosy to make love together.
    or play the 3 of you together.
    it would be amazing.
    if this will happen and you will update the web site a couple of times a week you will have me as a subscriber for a lifetime.
    a big hug and congratulations for the wonderful and brave (not only in the relationship) life you are living.
    Lupo from Italy

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