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We should seriously start updating you every day, as all our emotions, „love affairs“, intimacies and relationships keep changing and the intense and growing feeling keep taking different directions:). However we will try to update you as we can with a focus on a stable development line :) .

We are in love with others and yet in marriage with each other

I have not been here for Misha perhaps for too long to allow her to disconnect the love connection feeling towards me and fall in love with someone else. Arriving back to Prague and seeing, but mostly feeling this the same blockage has entered my heart and I have fallen in love with another woman, too. I am in love with many qualities, characters, and the way she (the „new“ girl) is. It fills me with joy and desire to change myself in the best way. I see in her all the qualities I want to have strenghten. She has all the strengths set in very peacefull and nonviolent, tender way, which is very nice and easy for me to adjust to and accept it. Since Misha has been in love with the other guy, who I love as my brother, we felt complete. It all felt ideal only until recently, when Misha has started missing to be the One for somebody, again. This was the moment when I strongly began to feel our marriage and it’s real importance and value again.

What Misha means to me

She knows me the best and will never give up on me, same way I feel towards her, and yet we have to keep working on deserving this eternal benefit of each other. We never try to change each other, or be blind about each other, yet we do our best to help the other grow and see the best potential in and in between us. We never judge each other after all, and allow each other to just be with no expectations apart from being happy and fulfilling our creative potential :) . We are fully transparent and never hide anything from each other, we are vulnerable, we are silly, and we never hide that in front of each other. We do our best to win together the money game, to look at it from up above, and to have fun and the meaningful sensations on the way. We have the special places in each other’s heart that cannot possibly be filled by anybody else. Sometimes we forget all this and I am very very happy & thankful to be aware of it right now and I ask the profound forces to keep this awarnes with me, as long as this the truth is.

How to deal with this? Being in love&marriage?

There are certain principles, which I began to také as the valid principles for the perfect quality marriage and I intend to learn them once again. I think the same (apart from couple exchanged male / female principles), should stand for the women towards the men. http://www.oddcrunch.com/divorced-man-words/0
I truly believe that when we are in love with someone, be it one or more people we can aspire on applying most of these principles on the relationships with our loved ones. However, yes, there is probably somebody who is the one, and is very special to you…which I am not yet, in this short experience, very sure about how this One really is, for us :) . Yet if there is such thing put as a deep human emotions and behavior principal, I have it clear that Misha is the One for me!
Love to All!

5 Responses to The whole Villa in relationship – all you need is love…and sex :)

  1. OLS_Lover onApr 14, 2014

    Updates! Updates!

  2. t7 onApr 13, 2014

    Great news Yan ! Pleas both of you keep us up to date. Maybe upload some more fantastic photos and clips.

  3. Amy Wert onApr 11, 2014

    I am very happy to read these words, and you that you have opened your relationship Yan

    • Yan onApr 15, 2014

      I am very happy that you are happy, dear :)

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