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real amateurs alive

Greetings to all faithful members and those who found the Open love site just recently! We have been taking a while of from our busy life updating the world on what’s going on – in order to find out ourselves what is really going on :) .
We both have been dating somebody else in recent weeks, and almost thought that we are on a way to our full separation, speaking of a partnership. We were confused, sad about the two of us, happy for the “freedom” towards the relationship with others, again sad that it is not as good as the two of us, and now again happy that we have each other.
However in recent days we feel the opposite direction, of feeling way closer and more attracted to each other, being ten times as powerful and therefore we finally have a little clue what to actually tell you – our dear friends. Anyway, thanks for your patience and believe in us in the silence time.
Knowing that our life activities, love emotions, and even sexual nature cannot really be fully under our control, now we feel truly liberated of wanting to control it and we just enjoy life, love and all it brings to us.
So, here we are, motivated to keep updating you again what’s up in our lifes and sharing it with you with all it takes :) .
Last night we were in Misha’s home-village, harvesting cherries and other produce the whole day, and today we set up a small market place in our villa. People can come and get fresh and organic fruits and vegies at a voluntary donation, which makes it a perfect opportunity to come over and learn more about Vila Flora as well.
Last couple of days our other couples are away from town, so we are on our own, and it brings a perfect opportunity to be getting closer to each other – we are proceeding slowly, but surely.
Will try our best to keep you posted :)
Talk to you soon, dear folks.
With love,
Yan and Misha

45 Responses to We are alive and energetic again!

  1. sinosy onFeb 05, 2015

    I don’t really know what is going to happen with this site. I hate the fact that they didn’t upload updates for so many months. However, I think that we should give them a lesson. What do you think about sharing its whole content freely around the web?

  2. guest onFeb 04, 2015

    i still believe that the site expires today and won´t be online tomorrow…

  3. balou onFeb 04, 2015

    04 Feb – the site is still alive…

    Anyway, I never liked this monkey man, I didn`t like the way how he fucks, Misha was the boss, everytime…

    In every video there was much more possible as it was edited, the site was interesting for me at least due to the stories and the reports, not the sex which was always the same.

    Monkey will get destroyed from the moment he has to earn money on a regular way as we do. I don`t miss him.

    Misha will follow her mission.

    I still have the good old films with Voyta when Misha was very young – they have been better.

    Take care Misha!

  4. guest onJan 26, 2015

    9 more days and this site will be history. the domain expires at 04.02.2015…don´t think that it will be updated.

    • Ghoul1 onJan 26, 2015

      a shame really, i find it especially sad that in almost 7 months there is nothing, i understand this not being a priority right now but in 7 months not one small post saying whats going on? thats kinda weak, 20 minutes it would have taken. i find it sad cause i kinda wanted to grow old with them, seeing how they get older as i get older and all that. but whatever, it was fun while it lasted. thanks for the good times and have a nice life.

      • UConnMike04 onJan 27, 2015

        Basically, it just goes to show you that they really didn’t give two shits about any of us. They haven’t updated a blog since early July (7 months ago) and haven’t updated a video/pics since March, almost a year ago. However, for the people that continued to sign up and pay they sure as hell had zero issue taking their money. I hope this domain goes away, and I really honestly don’t care much about what happens w/ them. They sure as hell didn’t care about any of us.

        • Ashley onFeb 01, 2015

          They likely aren’t together anymore is why.

          • What a joke onFeb 03, 2015

            So this is how it ends. Energetic again, alive probably, but there must be lots of shit going on. Which is sad for them. Paying custmers are fooled, though.

  5. Harry onJan 17, 2015

    This is really a joke here. I am sure, that they read all these messages and able to give any answer. Poor people who still pay for this site…..

  6. Lupo onJan 13, 2015

    why, at this point, don’t you release all your pictures and videos?
    It would be a nice way to, at least, say good bye.

  7. Ghoul1 onDec 31, 2014

    ah well happy new year misha, yan and whoever you are together with now. i have been a member of the old site and stuck around since. it would sad if it does go without anything.

    but anyway, have good you all, members and fans of the site and well the protagonists of the site as well.

  8. Visitor onDec 21, 2014

    this is to what an open love can lead. this site will die a slow death, because they are not a couple any more.

    • t7 onDec 28, 2014

      It’s certainly been a long long time since we’ve heard anything positive.

    • andrew onDec 30, 2014

      i agree 100 per cent this site is dead and burried.

      • OLS_Lover onDec 31, 2014

        So why does Misha keep it online? Maybe she’s thinking of coming back with a new boyfriend?

    • hilocrc onDec 31, 2014

      It was a nice run! The first Video was published in Feb. 2005! Almost 10 years! I doubt she (they) will come back, they are putting a lot of energy in other projects, Misha’s (new) significant other, for various reasons has not been able to be very open in this website, because if I recall correctly he works (or worked) with children, so he cannot do this kind of open love… but he knows about the website, in fact you may see him in a few (no sex) videos.

      Either way, Happy 2015! Thanks for the great photos and videos, Misha, Yan and (old BF).

      This domain expires in Feb. 2015, we will see if they renew the domain… I doubt it…

      Cheers you all!

      • OLS_Lover onDec 31, 2014

        Happy 2015 to everybody! I sincerely hope that Misha will be back some day!

  9. Amy onDec 11, 2014

    I’m very nervous, I received an email from Tommy Hol Ellingsen, saying Yan has died in a motorcycle accident in India, anyone know if it’s true, that sadness died yan no I can not believe !!!
    I write to say that is a good friend of Yan and as you know I am a big fan of the thought that death should communicate in a terrible accident Yan,
    Does anyone know who Tommy Hol Ellingsen? my heart is filled with sadness and disappointment

    • Ghoul1 onDec 11, 2014

      i do hope it is not true either, but it would explain the long absence of the 2 on this site.

      if it is true than i wish misha the best and i am at loss for words. a shame if it is true.

    • hilocrc onDec 14, 2014

      Not true! They are doing great… I’ve seen a photo of them as of Dec 8, Yan, Misha and their friend Hynek. This website is not their priority… it seems but they are doing great. They are in Prague working in many projects. I think Amy just wants to attract people to her website…

      • Ghoul1 onDec 14, 2014

        ah that is good to know, thanks for the info, one less thing to worry about.

      • Amy onDec 14, 2014

        I have not any website Hilocrc,
        Tommy sent me an email telling me that on the night of December 10 Yan died in a motorcycle accident when he went to the airport to pick up a package.
        Where have you seen a picture of Yan December 8? My biggest serious illusion that this news is true, I have always loved Yan, do not understand that people like you, whether they are also on this site.

        • hilocrc onDec 15, 2014

          Your name is linked to an external site. fuck for forest dot com.

  10. George onDec 05, 2014

    Boy am I glad I never paid for this site. The videos were often slow in coming and now they have stopped altogether.
    That’s a pity because Misha is a natural.

  11. Ghoul1 onNov 12, 2014

    now its almost the end of the year and i wonder if we will hear from you this year again. judging from that in a half year there are like only 1 or 2 posts on the site it seems unlikely. so i do hope that whatever happend wasnt to horrible and that the 2 of you have fun and enjoy each other and will have a nice christmas/new year and all that.

  12. Amy onOct 29, 2014

    Hi yan
    are you ok?
    i miis you sooo much
    write me in facebook please
    you are my dream…

  13. larry onOct 19, 2014

    Misha, I hope you start back to the site soon or create a solo site. We miss you!

  14. t7 onSep 29, 2014

    Hey Misha and Yan,
    I agree with Jim and all they others who have paid you. It is great that you are together again but surely it is only fair to all your fans and followers that you OLS with your latest life stories and videos. We all love to hear and see you in action again very soon.

  15. Jim onAug 30, 2014

    Dear Mischa and Yan, I am concerned that you all have deserted your site. There are some (many?) of us that pay for access to this site, and nothing from you guys has been posted for two months.

    I can appreciate that this web page may not be a priority, given what is happening in your lives. Perhaps it is best to end the site, and give refunds for your paying customers.

    I wish you both well, and I hope that life is going well for you. If you do shut down your site I will miss the connection to you both. –Jim

    • bigal500 onSep 11, 2014

      Couldn’t agree more with Jim, since I joined the site there have been no new videos and only one post to say of your problems, which I hope both Mischa and Yan can solve and if not together can stay friends. Maybe this site can go on as it did when Mischa and Voyta split up and she met Yan. But you have to be fair to us members that pay for the site, either close it or put it on hold and refund your members.
      I hope you can happily go forward with or without the site.

  16. manutraveler onAug 27, 2014

    Hey you guys! I just yesterday discovered your website and I’ve been watching your clips couple times an hour since then! You’re the most passionate and erotic amateur couple I’ve seen in a while! And I’m pretty sure this thing you do shouldn’t be called PORN. You two are so awesome and you can see and feel the connection between you two! :) I’m getting my membership next week, because I want to check out all of your beautiful lovemaking! Misha – great body, no1 ass and sweet face. Yan – getting ripped, nice beard and thick cock (no homo :) you’re terriffic, please keep making those great videos, they revive my faith in internet porn. Two questions though – what kind of cameras you use? That beach clip was so great and crisp! And second thing – Misha, you take Yan’s cock up your booty so easy! Is that great lube or plain experience? :) do you enjoy anal sex? :) ok that’s all. Patryk from Gdansk, Poland.

  17. Amy onAug 17, 2014

    Yan are you OK?

  18. CdX onAug 12, 2014

    “Youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, is there someone Inside ?”


  19. Ghoul1 onAug 01, 2014

    We are alive and energetic again…

    …and just as active as before, lol.

    just kidding take you guys.

  20. camerado onJul 23, 2014

    Welcome back ! I am happy you are back and in good condition both….
    I keep following you for many years, you are awesome people.

  21. James onJul 15, 2014

    Just a quick note welcoming you back. I have always been confused about the concept of ‘open love’. You have been a monogamous couple with all openness limited to filming your lives. I believe ‘open’ should mean an open relationship with anyone who gives you pleasure a part of the site. If they will not film you could introduce other lovers with pictures and text updates.

    It just seems most of life’s possibilities never appear on the site.

    Anyway, its time for an update…Make love to someone and film it.

  22. t7 onJul 04, 2014

    Hi Misha and Yan,
    Great news to break the silence. Keep loving and stay together in the good times and the bad ones. We all love you.

  23. larry onJul 03, 2014

    I am very glad to see a new post. I hope things are well with your relationship but no matter what direction you decide to go I hope the website continues. Misha, I think you should do more updates. I really enjoy your writing and think you’re a good writer.

  24. Amy Wert onJul 03, 2014

    Please Yan make a new video about you pleaseee!!!! ;-)

  25. Amy Wert onJul 03, 2014

    Ohhhh I’m really happy Yan, was very worried and thought that had something bad happened, I am now happy new knowledge and interesting news about you, it’s sad when love and passion ending, but it is always the beginning of new friendships, new adventures, and new lokuras with new friends, welcome to the world of lso Yan singles!
    Amy Wert

  26. OLS_Lover onJul 03, 2014

    Great news that you’re back guys! Can’t wait for sexy Misha updates!

  27. Ghoul1 onJul 02, 2014

    oh hey you’re back and still together, almost thought the 2 of you were through and with it the site. its good that you found out more about your relationship and might got out of all of this stronger than before. take care and have it good.

  28. hilocrc onJul 02, 2014

    Glad to hear back from you guys!

    Enjoy life at the fullest. Look forward to hear more from you both.

  29. Stonefield21.2 onJul 02, 2014

    Great to see you back !

    We wish you all the best and feel ready to follow your following expériences…

    great to know you feel good !


    • Yan onJul 02, 2014

      Thanks Stonefield, glad to hear back in positive response!

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