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Hey guys, I am really really sorry about my terribly long silence. A lot has been happening and it was really tough period of my life. Especially Autumn 2013 and Winter 2014, then I felt like I have to build whole new life and identity… Misha 2.0… It took me some time to set everything including myself up and get some ground in my life again. To be honest I didn’t feel like posting anything the whole year. One reason was that I didn’t know where to start… The other one was that I felt so disconnected from what we were doing together with Yan and it felt like I am miles away from you all… Today morning after this awesome love making I had the intuition to write a post here. It’s also my birthday today so it’s kind of birthday present to myself…

I should apologize everyone who believes this site is kept online just to get money. To be honest we are getting so little money from the site right now that it barely pays for the terribly expensive server it’s sitting on… My main source of income has shifted and I am not really well off… I keep myself on the mission of building a parallel nonviolent system and it hasn’t earned me any money yet :D , so you can consider contributing to the site is kind of donation to my life’s mission :) . I do love you guys all, even those of you who has written really bad comments about us and our motivations… I understand and feel ashamed of myself. On the other hand I don’t regret anything I have done in the past year, including my silence. Life is unpredictable and one can never know what will happen next. I keep working on myself internally a lot and it means that I will be changing constantly, that my life will be in a constant change. That basically explains what happened to the site….

Things changed and I didn’t know what to do about the site… I just let it be until I would know. I still don’t know but I am sure I want to keep in online and see what life will bring next. For now I will try to start posting here some texts and photos about what happened to me in past year. Don’t expect any sexual content yet though… I kind of don’t feel like to right now but I am not saying it might not change… I am totally open to everything that might happen… I take life’s lessons and convert them to opportunities for internal growth…

Some recent photos of me in Budapest Spa and while preparing for a party

12 Responses to Love you guys no matter the no updates

  1. luizniceas onMar 18, 2015


    Thanks to know that you are ok!

  2. Ronald onMar 01, 2015

    Hi Misha,
    Good you had awesome lovemaking. Do we know him/her? Soms footage would be cool.. Or more info?
    Glad you are still healthy, doing things young women should do. Keep us posted please!!

  3. schmedley onFeb 13, 2015

    Glad you are back.

  4. James1776 onFeb 10, 2015

    I am glad to see you back and well. Your update was welcome. I hope all is well with you now and that you keep in touch. I have been following this site (and the one before) for many years and find myself missing you almost like family. Again, be well and keep in touch.

  5. OLS_Lover onFeb 06, 2015

    Mishaaaa!!! So happy that you’re back! I honestly hope to see/read more from you!! How about a sexy live show for us fans? I’m sure we would make you feel super-loved! Hope that you’ll consider it. Anyway, fantastic reading about you!

    A big hug

    • misha onFeb 08, 2015

      Hey OLS_Lover, I will consider that, but the live show program we have been using before is kind of expensive, so maybe later or I would have to find another way how to do that…

  6. guest99 onFeb 06, 2015

    Misha, please email me. I have a few things I want to tell you about the site, all positive, all good. I have no negative thoughts about the site. And Happy birthday!

  7. Ghoul1 onFeb 06, 2015

    hey long time no see. im for one am glad to see that you are allright. than again i wasnt a paying customer(cant afford) and expecting updates. anyway, im glad you’re still there, alive and kicking. and happy belated birthday, hope you had a nice, fun day.

    i think a lot of the negativity of the comments in the last post could’ve been minimized if after the 1 or 2 months after the last post you made a post about going on hiatus for a long time, i think a lot of the negativity was due to the “We are alive and energetic again!” sounded like stuff was picking up again and then 7 months of nothing. but whatever, what happend happend.

    i do hope this site becomes alive again though, cause i know you for at least 8 years, i do remember you and your old bf and i still want to grow old with you in this odd way^^. but in the end you have to do what is best for you. so have it good.

  8. UConnMike04 onFeb 06, 2015

    I do apologize for my comments in the other threat, but I do stand by what I said. People pay for this site to see content and to not update ANYTHING for months is entirely inexcusable. It takes 30 sec. to post something like you did today. While it’s appreciated, please understand that 99.9% of the reason that people come here is for the sexual videos/pictures and while I’m not a paying member any longer (thankfully w/ the lack of updates) maybe you should not charge people and set up a donation section where people who do want to donate can? After all…what drove everyone here, and keeps people here, are the sexual posts. Happy BDay, and thanks for reaching out Misha!

    • UConnMike04 onFeb 06, 2015

      I mean “in the other thread”, not threat, typo, lol.

      • misha onFeb 06, 2015

        Hey Uconmike, I feel that I don’t force anybody to pay for the site. You can view all the posts for free, you only have to pay for the paid content (sexy photos and videos). And when people pay then they can see 150+ videos, which I believe is a nice addition to a “donation”. If people come because of the sexy content then they should look at the sexy content and if they are interested in us, then they can read what we are up to… I don’t understand why you feel that we charge people? It is a nice idea to create a “donation” button though, will look into it later.

        • UConnMike04 onFeb 06, 2015

          Misha, first I want to say I love you too so I’m not arguing with you about anything. I just think you’re mis-understanding what I am trying to say. I never said you force anyone to pay, etc. My whole point is that people sign up expecting updates and people that are still paying expect updates. It’s not a cheap site to pay for. While it’s true people that pay have access to over 150 videos, pics, etc. please realize that people that are signed up already have the 150+ b/c it’s been so long since there’s been any word fro you and those people (again, not me) are expecting updates b/c in the end they are paying for content that’s not being provided.

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