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2015-05-10_Misha_all_smart_04 hey guys, due to a drop in income and traffic I had to downgrade our server. The transfer should be finished by now and I would appreciate if you could let me know if you would experience any trouble while browsing our site.

Otherwise I am doing quite well. I am totally overwhelmed by all the activities I am doing in the Villa where I live. I am kinda launching five start-up socially responsible projects and it’s not easy at all. At the same time we need to earn enough money for the rent of the Villa, which is huge and live peacefully in our community. It’s a challenge but there are many pros as well. All the people with whom I live are very beautiful, passionate and honest people. All of them have personal work as their core value and work hard to improve themselves in everything they do. It’s a wonder that no sex orgies happened yet in our community but I bet that many people dream about it, lol.

I love the feeling of fulfillment I have during most of the days of my life. Of course that I feel ashamed and bad that I don’t post any updates here, but I guess that my priorities have changed and it’s difficult to do the site on my own… Yan has always taken care of most of the content and although we have great relationship and see each other often, I can’t really imagine doing the site together again. We have divorced one month ago and feel really content with it. So other than the site I feel fulfilled with many things going around me.

Ideal relationship?

I experience quite complicated relationship now. I am very much in love and can even imagine to have kids in couple of years (I never wanted to have kids before) and although my present partner has been my best friend for 10 years, we do have some communication issues and it’s quite difficult to understand each other well. It’s true however that I love to balance the two extremes and feel that with every pain we get deeper inside ourselves and inside each other. So I can’t really say I experience ideal relationship but I can say that I love my life and the man number one in my life.

Feel the sexual vibe

There are many more men in my life though. Not sexually but very close friends and house mates are all handsome men with awesome qualities. I really do enjoy being around them and sometimes feel the sexual energy between us (we don’t have sex but I can feel the energy). It’s very interesting for me and I keep observing it and enjoying what it does to my body and emotions.

No poo hair

I gonna leave you now with couple of recent photos taken during a visit to my family and trying on my sister’s clothes ;) . You can also notice my “no poo” hair, meaning no shampoo hair. I stopped using shampoo two months ago and started to wash my hair with water only. There is even some science behind it but I do it mostly because I really want my hair to be natural, strong, not greasy and worth of love. So far I love them this way and I have to wash them every 5-7 days compared to every 2-3 days with shampoo. What do you think about it? Do you like the look of my hair now? ;)

Some recent photos of me in my sister’s clothes

13 Responses to Server change

  1. OLS_Lover onMay 19, 2016

    Misha, where are you? We want new videos!

    • scheich onMay 19, 2016

      Oh yes, just some sexy pics would be nice!

  2. t7 onJan 17, 2016

    Could this be the closure of OLS ? The server renews in February. All has been very quiet. Hope not. It’s been great over the years and a truly unique website.

  3. luizniceas onDec 24, 2015

    Dear Masha,

    I wish to you a merry christmas and that you have a great 2016!

  4. Jade Dragon onAug 04, 2015

    Hi Misha, I sent you yesterday in email subject: Your blog “Server change”, hope you find my contributed of MST subject for your interesting.

  5. ghoul1 onJun 27, 2015

    so first of all, yay, first time being a member again since this was all watch-us-fuck. had to get all the vids and stuff before you may decide to kill the site^^.

    speaking of, since this is like the 10th anyversary year of wuf and this site, do you have any plans on what you want to do with the site?

    anyway, have it good and a lot of fun.

    ps: you look great in your sisters clothes, shirts like those really suit you and make you look very sexy. thanks for sharing.

  6. olscom onJun 17, 2015

    hello misha,

    unfortunately your e-mailservice of openlovesite.com seems to be broken.
    I have registered a few days ago as user candlamm but have never received a password via e-mail, only the confirmation of your credit card-payment-provider ccbill.
    I tried the reset password function and sent you a message via the contact form, but this also didn’t seem to work.
    Could you please sent me my password to olscom@gmx.de because otherwise i have to cancel my payed membership.

    thanks in advance

    • misha onJun 22, 2015

      Hey Olscom, thanks for letting me know. I already fixed the problem and sent you new password. The sign up should work all fine now.

      • olscom onJul 28, 2015

        hi Misha,

        unfortunately there seems to be a problem. I had an recurring membership, and my credit card was already billed for july, but in my profile i see the status free membership, day of last payment & expiry date 21.7.2015.
        Could you please fix that again.

        thank you

      • olscom onAug 05, 2015

        I’m still not able to use my paid membership. Could you please fix this?

        original user registrated with: candlamm (did never recieved a password for that one)
        new user name with 1 month working membership: olscom
        Thanks in advance

  7. t7 onMay 15, 2015

    Hi Misha, Thanks for remembering your loyal OLS and WUF followers. It’s a pity you and Yan being married did not work out. Interesting you have revived an old relationship. Any chance we would know who the lucky guy is ? You are a very sexually aware person and it was always exciting to see in your fantastic clips. We would all love to see you in full action again. You have developed from a sexy young girl to a fully aware beautiful woman who knows what she wants and where she’s going.

  8. UConnMike04 onMay 14, 2015

    Hi Misha! Glad all is doing well. The site is working fine on my end. However, with the new you can we realistically expect any video updates or anything? If not, why not just kill the site and start a personal blog since there is a lack of traffic and income from this site now? You have amassed a huge fan base, and we all appreciate the 10 years of videos/pics, but the reason for lack of traffic is this site has been ignored for the most part for 14 months (understandably obv with the break-up, etc). If you started a personal blog it’d 1) be cheaper, 2) would allow the people that want to keep up with your personal life the opportunity to do so, and 3) it’ll kill this site which you’ve even said is not a priority.

    That being said, hopefully there will be new videos/pics at some point because we are all huge fans and traffic/membership would pick up greatly with actual content. Btw, did you mean to leave a big green dildo on the table in that pic? Lol

  9. OLS_Lover onMay 14, 2015

    Hi sexy Misha! So nice to hear from you! First of all, happy to know that your relationship is going well and that your activities in the Villa are booming. It’s also nice that you’re exploring your friendships with your handsome male friends. One of my fantasies about you is to see you in a threesome or in an orgy…who knows if you will do it in the near future. Love your hair and the photos, you are super hot as always!!
    I’m still hoping hat you will do a live show for us hardcore fans soon. And also upload new vids for us!! I hope that we won’t have to wait too long.
    Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy life!
    lots of love

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