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This site is something like an uncensored personal sex blog diary of the relationship of Misha and Yan, we share our sexual lives, fun, activism and problems that are part of our everyday life. It includes home made amateur hardcore sex videos, our private amateur photo gallery, everyday personal sex blog, interactive forum and community plus many more hot features.

Meet the team


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What is Open Love Site

Our site is based on real amateur sex, we love sex and we enjoy hardcore sex as everybody else does. Yet, not as everybody else, we also enjoy sharing it with the rest of the world. We believe that we are the only 100% uncensored home made amateur hardcore sex website. However we don’t do just plain sex and erotic indulgence, but we treat this site mostly as a mission of spreading pure feeling of love!

Who is Open Love Site

The Open Love Site is run and featured only by two people, Misha and Yan. We were both born in 1987, just finished our bachelor’s degree and for one year have been living in India because of medical purpose (Misha has bad hearing while Yan suffers from ulcerative colitis). Apart from studies we are active in various social, environmental, political, health and spiritual voluntary activities. We love to keep ourselves busy and wholeheartedly work towards a better future for humankind:). We try to be responsible citizens of planet Earth in that we are both vegetarians, responsible consumers and fans of organic and raw food. We love and adore each other tremendously on many levels.

Besides sex we also love to travel. We believe that every journey must have a meaning, a mission for which we should travel and since we have many missions in life, we travel equally lot. Therefore you can see hardcore real amateur videos from all over the world. You can visit with us both the Americas, Africa, Asia, and many countries of Europe. We show, of course, not only the people of particular region, it’s beautiful nature and culture, but we almost always seek for the perfect outdoor or indoor spot to bring you some hot experiences from there:). In most cases these two aspects get combined together as we love to travel and enjoy sex at the same time:). Our alternative travel bug makes our personal sex blog very unique virtual place!

This site is truly home made according to the ‘do it yourself’ principle! We are the only lovers, filmmakers, photographers, webmasters and writers featured on this website. So whenever you imagine this site as some commercial project of many people who come here as to ordinary work, just forget about that picture, and imagine us, the two freaky young people who are meditating, or running around, aspiring to change the world.

What will you find on this personal sex blog of Open Love Site

Here you will find our life. We enjoy sharing our life as it is. We love describing and documenting our most intimate moments, our passionate love making, our hardcore pleasures, but also our daily life that consists of activism, travels, our friends, families, dreams and desires, our meaning of life and other deep thoughts. On our site you will find:

  • Home made amateur sex videos – This is our private collection of hardcore home made clips we’ve made over the years in all places imaginable.
  • Private amateur photo gallery – Photos from our everyday lives, naughty uncensored pics of Misha in various places and postures and whatever our camera captured.
  • Our sex blog - Read about our lives, who we are and what we’re doing. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!
  • Interactive Members Area – Our paid members get 24/7 access to our entire collection of amateur sex videos and pictures. Join the fun and become a paid member today!
  • OLS Community section- Make friends with us and other Olees (Open Love Site free members=Olees :) ), send messages, post to your and other Olee’s wall, simply socialize ;)
    • OLS Forum – Do you have a question about us? Do you have some special wish? Do you want to share your naughty experience? Do you need some sex advice? Post in our forum!
    • List of Olees – list of all the free members of Open Love Site
    • OLS Mail – send private messages to Misha and Yan or other Olees
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Check this section if you’re having any technical problems or before you send us an email.

The history of the Open Love Site

The history of OLS is written far before Misha turned 18. Misha and her FirstBF launched watch-us-fuck.com website together when Misha turned her 18 and instantly it became a popular amateur video sex site as well as a place for people to hang out and share their sexual and intimate experiences with others. After Misha split up with her FirstBF , she managed to run this website for two years on her own, until she fell in love with Yan, and the inspiring collaboration of a great couple could take off from there. After some time we decided to rename the site and improve its features and that’s when Open Love Site was born. We would like to thank you all for coming here, becoming our members and giving us feedback in our blog and forum!

We Make Love, not Porn

We are „ordinary“ people, who profoundly love each other. We have passions, emotions, feelings and desires. You will see all these aspects of our life in our photos and videos. We are people just like you who want to share all the best feelings with the other part of ours (our partners). Sometimes we like to make love very slowly and teasingly, sometimes we go wild.

 We decided to show our videos to other people not only for the money itself, but also because we want to show you that filmed sex can also be real and that girls have really big and wonderful orgasms. (and boys too! :-) )We don’t want you to think we are doing porn because porn is different from making love! None of our videos were scripted, directed or forced in any way. We simply film what we do, because we like doing it. We will not film anything that is against our own will.

We are NOT pornographic sex machines that are able to have sex any time and produce it into videos on regular basis.

 We definitely do want to share as much as possible from our daily life and we do love our work, yet time to time we face difficulties as other human beings do and in those times we ask you for understanding when it gets to inpatient expectation of new contents. Unless there are some major problems, we usually have at least weekly updates and within no more than every two weeks a new sexual content comes. Yet we have never given any update guarantee as we are not a company with a budget and employees, which could provide their “production” on mechanical basis.

 We make all the content in our way of feeling, thinking and acting, which means with sensitive attitude, full of love and spirituality. We treat our sexual relation with a feeling of sacredness, which the union of two people undoubtedly deserves. However this doesn’t mean that our videos are only about gentle touching and caressing:), we do love to fuck wild hardcore in unchained passionate blast as well:)! Simply said we love sex and we love to do it in all the imaginable ways. This includes tender love making, but also explosive shagging:). We also do love to experiment and often try people’s wishes and fantasies proposed on OLS. You can definitely tell us what you’d like to see, but please realize we are regular people just like you

Our perspective on love and sex

We all feel strongly about sex being something wonderful, natural and something we were created to truly enjoy. Therefore we don’t understand the paradox of censorship of nudity on TV and for it to be OK to show violence of the highest degree. We were created as humans and no one should have the right to control our inborn sexuality. Why should we feel bad about being attracted to others? Why should it be a taboo to have great sex? One of our goals is to help people realize that having sex and making love is in essence way better than jerking-off to porn. Everybody has potential to find a great partner for themselves. Try to be a better person everyday, keep your eyes open and we’re sure you’ll find the One. Get some inspiration from our site, but in the end go out there and just do it :-)

Mission of the Open Love Site

Of course there is a difference of love between two life partners and among others, yet we love human and all other living beings equally much. That’s basically why we want to share the best of us with as many people as possible. We share between the two of us and with the rest of the world all and everything! Our motto could be: love, respect, learn, teach and share!

We always appreciate opinions and suggestions of others as we want this site to be as much interactive as possible. In ideal case we will be no more in the center of attention at this virtual space, but rather it will become an uncensored place where people would share their deepest feelings and activities, their love and profound sexual experiences. This could be done either the way in which we do it – in audiovisual and text form, or differently. This site is therefore called Open Love Site for being an open space for love expression, with deep understanding and respect of humanity, with central values in solidarity, celebration of diversity and nonviolence.

Our favorite quotations:

  • “Love the reality that you create and not even death will stop your flight.” and other by Mario Rodriguez Cobos
  • “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” M.K. Gandhi
  • “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” and other by M.K. Gandhi
  • “If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?”
  • Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. – Graffiti
  • All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
  • Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
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