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hey guys, due to a drop in income and traffic I had to downgrade our server. The transfer should be finished by now and I would appreciate if you could let me know if you would experience any trouble while browsing our site. Otherwise I am doing quite well. I am totally overwhelmed by all the activities I am doing in the Villa where I live. I am kinda launching five start-up socially responsible projects and it’s not easy at all. At the same time we need to earn enough money for the rent of the Villa, which is huge and live peacefully in our community. It’s a challenge but there are many pros as well. All the people with whom I live are very beautiful, passionate and honest people. All of them have personal work as their core value [...]

In last post I was kind of abstract, so now enough with the abstraction, here is what happened to me and Yan. You might know that Yan stayed in Goa, India from October 2013 till March 2014. During that time I had experienced that huge internal transformation during which I had to get rid of some really deep behavioral and thinking patterns. At the same time I can to the realization that I had lived in a big illusion for some time… Of course that my life with Yan was ideal, I loved him so much that I couldn’t imagine we won’t be together in the future. We were doing everything we wanted. We had this awesome site running which enabled us to enjoy life to its fullest and don’t have to worry that much about money. Of course that [...]

Hey guys, I am really really sorry about my terribly long silence. A lot has been happening and it was really tough period of my life. Especially Autumn 2013 and Winter 2014, then I felt like I have to build whole new life and identity… Misha 2.0… It took me some time to set everything including myself up and get some ground in my life again. To be honest I didn’t feel like posting anything the whole year. One reason was that I didn’t know where to start… The other one was that I felt so disconnected from what we were doing together with Yan and it felt like I am miles away from you all… Today morning after this awesome love making I had the intuition to write a post here. It’s also my birthday today so it’s kind [...]

Greetings to all faithful members and those who found the Open love site just recently! We have been taking a while of from our busy life updating the world on what’s going on – in order to find out ourselves what is really going on . We both have been dating somebody else in recent weeks, and almost thought that we are on a way to our full separation, speaking of a partnership. We were confused, sad about the two of us, happy for the “freedom” towards the relationship with others, again sad that it is not as good as the two of us, and now again happy that we have each other. However in recent days we feel the opposite direction, of feeling way closer and more attracted to each other, being ten times as powerful and therefore we [...]

Editing these photos right now, I can just be thinking: Oh, lord, thanks for the gifts you are sending us in the form of the beauty of such wonderful women such as Misha in this beautiful body that is just stunning the sense of my eye! I had about every second photo trigging my eye, my heart and my dick . I am sure it won’t be any different with you guys, latest it should come today night or tomorrow Central European time . The weather is pretty weird now in Czech republic, so I am skiping the outdoor/garden jobs for today .

We should seriously start updating you every day, as all our emotions, „love affairs“, intimacies and relationships keep changing and the intense and growing feeling keep taking different directions:). However we will try to update you as we can with a focus on a stable development line . We are in love with others and yet in marriage with each other I have not been here for Misha perhaps for too long to allow her to disconnect the love connection feeling towards me and fall in love with someone else. Arriving back to Prague and seeing, but mostly feeling this the same blockage has entered my heart and I have fallen in love with another woman, too. I am in love with many qualities, characters, and the way she (the „new“ girl) is. It fills me with joy and desire [...]

There is a new sexy video uploading on our server as I write. This one is from the environment of the guest house where we have first lived as we have arrived to Goa. This real amateur shot is the last one from our archive, as it was shot right before Misha has left Goa and I think we haven’t had sex since than. Even though we feel that the physical block, we have in between us, is about to break and the new sexy contents are coming up, our site will definitely never be same as before. Editing this video has brought a lot of pleasure and passion and it has almost made us fall into sex blast again… I personally give it one more photoset or so . Let’s believe Open Love Site will be soon more exciting [...]

Since I have returned back to Czech republic, many things has changed, as always . It is very tricky to talk about anything as fixed view of ours, in these unsatable times, as I feel we are in period of constant impermanence, yet it will sure be interesting to share whatever we feel in the depth of our hearts. The development of our open relationship Since I have decided to stay in Goa, India, to establish the second Villa Flora (first being in Prague, where we live right now), Misha has naturally flown into relationship with our years long friend, a brother and the most pure blood mate. It could not be more diffiult and easiest at the same time to accept this fact, due to our mutual brother-sister-hood that we share among the three of us. Since than I [...]

Joining forces on shooting these beautiful bathroom pics, up and downloading them across half the globe and editing them into the most pleasantly watching form, we bring you this fresh hot content in the form of 39 very sexy photos from Misha’s current bathroom . Perfectly glamored sexy bathing Misha The pics have very glamored and mystically sexy touch. The candle light, the drizzling water and Misha’s sexy curves make the whole photoset just irresistible. It makes me really happy to see Misha treating herself in a romantic bath, with a good food and drinks and leading us through her sexy ceremony of the evening rejuvenation. How much I would love to be the soap in her bath right now …well I will be home in about a weeks time, so perhaps I will have a chance and you will [...]

Being physically apart with Misha, plus the awefuly unstable-turtle-slow internet, makes it kind of difficult to stay motivated to keep you regulary posted from our “second home” here, in Goa, India. There was, no doubt, enough of interesting development going on in past few weeks, and I am ready to share it all again Lost between Goa and Prague Coming to Goa in September for 3 weeks and making a sudden decision to stay and start another Villa Flora has no doubt pinched into my life – big time and in many ways. Our relationship with Misha, the distance from my family and people in Czech republic that I consider beyond family, and on the other hand the desire of creation of something new, interesting, in the areas new to us, all around the world, is dramaticaly clashing together and [...]

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