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hey guys, due to a drop in income and traffic I had to downgrade our server. The transfer should be finished by now and I would appreciate if you could let me know if you would experience any trouble while browsing our site. Otherwise I am doing quite well. I am totally overwhelmed by all the activities I am doing in the Villa where I live. I am kinda launching five start-up socially responsible projects and it’s not easy at all. At the same time we need to earn enough money for the rent of the Villa, which is huge and live peacefully in our community. It’s a challenge but there are many pros as well. All the people with whom I live are very beautiful, passionate and honest people. All of them have personal work as their core value [...]

In last post I was kind of abstract, so now enough with the abstraction, here is what happened to me and Yan. You might know that Yan stayed in Goa, India from October 2013 till March 2014. During that time I had experienced that huge internal transformation during which I had to get rid of some really deep behavioral and thinking patterns. At the same time I can to the realization that I had lived in a big illusion for some time… Of course that my life with Yan was ideal, I loved him so much that I couldn’t imagine we won’t be together in the future. We were doing everything we wanted. We had this awesome site running which enabled us to enjoy life to its fullest and don’t have to worry that much about money. Of course that [...]

Hey I guys, I know it’s been a while and to be honest it’s just terrible with me and writing posts. First I don’t have much time to do it and second I am not very good writer. So I will just try to update you a little bit about what I have been up to in past weeks. As you might know Yan stayed in India while I went back to the Czech Republic. We both have way too many things to do in both countries. Yan is setting up Villa Flora in Goa and me, I moved over to Villa Flora in Prague. I am organizing raw cooking classes every Monday evening, I also lead sessions on spirituality and personal development every Sunday. Now we are having plans on opening a raw food café in the Villa. In [...]

Ok, to update you from the start of our month long silence: a few days before we were to leave India on 10th of October, we have decided that I (Yan) will stay over here, rent a big villa and pimp it out into very beautiful 6 bedroom home, plus living rooms, plus action roof top etc. Keep reading…:) Villa Flora Czech republic Before we have left for India, we have finally found the best spot for us for a long stay with friends in Prague. This is intended for us to live, as well as for our meaningful activities. The house was inhabited by one of the most famous writters in Czech history and it has all together very nice atmosphere, garden, environment and inhabitants . Since it is in a area of Prague called Flora, we have called [...]

As we have informed you in previous posts, we have started the self-sufficient build, made out of recycled materials, here in Prague, Czech republic. The workshop evolves really nice, the people who came over this and last week and worked with us are all very nice and hard working and so the project also blooms and makes us all very happy. The full week of separation :/ It has been a long time ago since we were away from each other for so many days… 9 nights we haven’t slept next to each other and about 7 days we have even spent apart. It really felt like eternity. It was caused by the fact that my grandmother was not well and so I felt the necessity to go over to her place and take care of her better than the [...]

In November we have moved to Taos to spend some time living in the Earthships and learning more about various things connected to these radically sustainable buildings.Originally we were to spend only one month on this magical place but we just couldn’t resist and had to extend our stay till February . We’ve lived in a Simple Survival Model of Earthship for the first two weeks and have made the spectacular Fuck me sustainably video. We enjoyed the life there as it was really simple, washing dishes with a water from the bucket, taking shower from the solar shower bag, splashing the toiled with twice already used gray water (once for the dishes or shower, second time for watering the plants in the glasshouse), simple electricity, etc. The electricity however was a bit two simple for our production demands . [...]

In last two months lots of things happened and sort of made changes in my self-esteem. First of all I went raw vegan in August and started to really enjoy the diet. Before I hated to cook and now I prepare raw meals every day, I started to sprout legumes, dehydrate my own crackers and make delicious cakes . I sort of feel much more in control of my diet and body and at the same time sort of more capable and powerful. Maybe thanks to that I started to drive car again, after seven years of always traveling as a passenger, I sort of started to drive the car myself. I have always been totally shit scared when I was to drive a car and I rather said no than to even try it! And now here with our [...]

I hope you don’t have enough of the Earthship posts , coz it seems that more are yet to come. We are enjoying building Earthships so much that it seems to be kind of our life purpose. Every minute on this sexy build is just awesome. No matter how tired our bodies are or how tricky the tasks are, we simply enjoy every bit of it. The best thing is that even all the people in the Earthship crew simply enjoy their jobs! This motivates us even more to stick with this community of people . Sexy People Furthermore nearly all the people who are working on the build are sexy! It’s so nice to watch them during the work since everything that they do looks and feels sexy. No wonder I am horny all the time. Right now I [...]

There are times when every woman needs to feel sexy. Of course that it is preferable to feel like that all the time and that it would be ideal if the woman would be able to feel like that without any incentive from the outside. Yet in real world we are often too much dependent on the outside look. The cultural predetermination plays an important role as well. From a very young age we are taught how to take care of ourselves so that we look nice/beautiful. We aren’t taught that we look beautiful as we are but that we have to do something with us to make ourselves beautiful. Furthermore all the advertisement and media messages in general emphasize the need of using certain cosmetic products to gain beauty, as if we weren’t beautiful by nature at all. To [...]

I have been talking and reading about the year 2012 and its significance so much that I was quite looking forward to what will actually happen. Right now I can say that tons of things have actually happened and it isn’t even done yet . First of all we have opened this new magnificent OpenLoveSite.com all by our selves. It is now real amateur in all aspects as we are the only one who are running it from its core. Before Watch-Us-Fuck.com was created by my Ex-BF and we just learned how to do a few basic things. That’s why the potential of the site was so limited. Right now the potential is totally up to us and our possibilities. It’s a totally different feeling to hold the whole site in your hands and be able to do what you [...]

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