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Hey all, I am tired and exhausted!! I have been writing extended essay about TV violence whole day and I am still not finished! It is very important essay because it is part of my final IB exam. It should be about 3500 words long and include many things. I am too lazy to do something because I haven’t done anything whole holidays! But I am trying really hard. I am also getting off nearly every hour because it is better than writing essay! I really need to be able to concentrate but I am too horny! I have tried everything yet – with dildo, without dildo, watching porn, letting my fantasy to drive me to the highest point. I come then its good for about half an hour and I need again! Do you know the song “Maniacâ€?? That’s [...]

Once, when I had lots of stuff to iron, I watched a very interesting movie called The Life of David Gale, I haven’t heard about it before so I was wondering how it would be. It surprised me. I found it great, the acting was super – Kevin Spacey in the main role and it told me a lot. It was about the issue of capital punishment I don’t really want to describe you the plot, because it would be long and boring for those who had seen it. And you, who didn’t find about it something on google or so. The thing is I have always been for capital punishment. I thought that the terrible serial killers should be killed for what had they done, because they are no longer people for me. But I wanted more tight regulations. [...]

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