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Hello friends, I would like to share an interesting experience which we have had with the concept of eating in recent times. Already some months ago me and Misha have tried a longer fast for the first time in our lives. That time it was for three days. Yes, we felt little weak and rather in meditative mood, yet not hungry and exhausted. As always with fasts the biggest problem were our tastes only. About a month and a half later I have gone again for 4 days fast, this time subsidizing most of the fruit juices with coconut water and a lot of natural water, and I felt even better – no weakness, executing normal, even energy demanding activities and I felt great really. Yet I broke that fast the morning before our walking trip in Mussoorie, since we [...]

Many people of different countries, cultures and religions recognize Misha’s best qualities. Just like our friend Pablo, from Colombia, who has stayed with us in our flat in Delhi for two weeks and who very fast became a part of our family. Before he left for Burma, he has made for us this charming photomontage. He also commented it with this short paragraph: “After having spent a week and a half with Yan and Misha and before continuing my route to Myanmar, I decided to offer this picture of her to show my gratitude to such a warm attention. Misha is one of the most special people I’ve met in my life. She is a transparent and complete human being, always smiling and radiant. Almost like a sacred being. This is why this portrait.”….yes she really reminds a caring mother [...]

As most of you know, we live in India for last 9 months. Living in an area of Delhi, which is hardcore Indian, where we haven”t met any foreigners in all these 9 months, it was really impossible to get in touch with somebody, who would share our external experience with Indian culture and society. Therefore we are always very excited when we travel outside Delhi and have the opportunity to meet with some foreigners outside Delhi, in trains, in Kerala, at some tourist spots etc. On our journey from Mussoorie, we travelled by train from Dehradun to Delhi. I was already sitting on my seat when an immediate spark between two life friends flashed, when Pablo entered the train car and sat next to us. It was clear from the first seconds of our conversation that we are exactly [...]

I have to really apologize for not writing anything for such a long time. I bet you are used to it however . As Yan has already written, our life was like on a roller caster for last few months. I would like to tell you something about my feelings about all of these rather than describing exactly what happened. It seems to me that life in India is just difficult . People speak different language, have different, customs, manners, behaviour, expectations, thinking, and the list could go on and on. So once you are trying to live here, it might be really demanding at times as even the simplest request can be handled in completely different manner than you would have expected. This is true for absolutely everything you can think of, with shopping, all kinds of services, customer [...]

Being peace and spiritual activists we could not overlook nowadays global crisis that is taking place in its full extent. Even though the crisis of values is being rather physically invisible, the effect of that can be sensed increasingly – lack of meaning and direction in life causes that we simply do not know what to do with our lives. Many people end up spending half of their days with activities that have not any true meaning whatsoever – wasting time with being fancy, cool looking, as their favorite TV or sports star, or doing what different religious institutions make us believe that this is what our gods want us to do – just being manipulated by those who want to keep us busy with bulshits and not caring for the true things. Many people fall in depressions, despair, meaninglessness [...]

Before Misha was advised by the doctor not to watch computer, spending too much time with reading and else like staining her eyes, we took a chance of free evening once and watched a movie. It is actually a very educational documentary and I believe that some of you have already seen it, or at least it’s first part. The first part might seem a little radical and conspiratorial, yet I think it is greatly done, however the second part is rather practical and there I see no conspiracy theory, but rather a positive vision, based on facts. The ZG Adendum also very much fits into our plans. In the afternoon before we watched it I constructed on a piece of paper my vision for next thousand years of humanity, followed by 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and next [...]

I think I have already written here about my psychological problems in the past. About how much I hated myself and about the attempts to kill myself… Well many years have passed since that time and now I am completely different person than who I used to be. For past two years we have been working a lot on inner change through various exercises and practices. Now is the time for an overview of all of these. So for past two weeks I have been doing an overview of everything that happened in my life and how it was or is related to meaning, coherence and nonviolence or to the opposite. What I have found is very interesting indeed and I would like to share it with you. Till the year 2009 I was very negative person mostly to myself, [...]

Some of you already know that we are preparing our long journey to India. In a little more than three weeks we will be moving to India for at least half year. Right now we are in the middle of preparations. We need to move out of our flat, get the visa, arrange all legal things here in Czech, etc. Now in the Christmas time all these preparations are even more hectic as we also need to arrange many presents, meet many people and so. However we are very much looking forward to making this huge step in our path toward healing. As you know we have already visited India in February 2010 with the aim to try ayurvedic medicine there. We’ve accomplished this aim and what more also found an acupuncturist doctor who helped us a lot. My condition [...]

Yes, we celebrate Christmas on this night, who knows why? Have you ever deeply asked: why do we in fact celebrate either on 24th or 25th of this month? We were developing the attitude towards this celebration in few previous years that we are together with Misha and we want to share it with you. We kept on asking: if Jesus really was born on these days, as it is not sure anyway, would he like what he would see in these days taking place on his birthday? Would he like that his birthday became the most commercial day of the year in most of the countries? (this period is told to count as much as third of the all yearly personal spending in US) Since Christian religion seemingly taken this date, as much as most of the habits, such [...]

Lately we were thinking a lot about this site. Mainly in the sense of inner unity. In terms of what we feel and what we do, if this is in unity. Before we thought it is awesome to transmit some kind of message to people, who are open to it. Not pure sexual messages, but also sex, which is charged by love, real life and besides that complemented by inspirations which follow our daily life. Before we were treating this site as meaning of addressing people with meaningful messages. However we suppose that most people come to our site because of sensual satisfaction, we were hoping that at least we are offering alternative to boobies pumped girls and muscled guys and rather promoting love and the holy uniqueness of sexual connection. Still there are some question marks that appear in [...]

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