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Once I’ve finished my degree I finally started to read all those books that I didn’t have time to read during my studies. The first one was The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho, I’ve read it in two days and was amazed. The style is brilliant and the story easy yet full of very wise messages that may direct one’s life to the right path! I’ve taken from it mostly the message that one should learn to follow one’s intuition and to understand the language of nature. That is very worthy for me as I’ve always known it but it was somehow hidden in my personality/knowledge. Now I am trying to learn how to discover and listen to my intuition or as Gandhi calls it “the inner voice”. I try to remember as many times a day as possible that I [...]

I bet you have already met those people walking around the streets with a big sign “Free Hug” . For last couple of weeks even our group of enthusiast started to engage in this activity. Usually those of us who are working on inner transformation and who are promoting such spiritual journey, set time and space, make banners and rush into streets to experience this warm contact with people. Do you also find the people especially in big cities somehow closed? Like if they had lost contact with each other and live their life in their own minds not caring about their surroundings. The simple intention of our action was only to offer a hug:). We believe that hugs are good for people and may make them happier and more positive. And of course many hugs are even good for [...]

Let us tell you about on great path that has brought us and still bringing extremely profound and enriching experience, which has moved us so much towards deep happiness and sensation full of meaning. Most people in today’s world are searching for life transforming experiences. Some are experimenting with drugs, some are seeing it in possession, some in sexual adventure, some in traveling, discovering things outside etc. Throughout the history there were people who realized that the eternal happiness, the life transforming experiences and contact with the profound, inspired being inside of us can surprisingly be achieved only through work on our interior and not exterior. In many religious and spiritual teachings these practices, which are leading to some profound, life changing and meaningful experience, has either disappeared and remained only empty words of sacredness. In other paths, where the [...]

Since we came back from India in March, we haven’t stopped. Every day was very busy especially because this is our last year in school (at least when it comes to bachelor degree and studying in Czech republic). Last week we returned from Kenya, where we have spent marvelous three weeks with Misha’s grandmother and small sister. On the way back we made a stop in England and besides London sightseeing we also had a chance to visit the farm and people for who I was working three years ago. The most joy I have experienced when seeing Stubbs again, the dog with who I have lived on that farm for nearly one year when I was working there. Few hours before going to Kenya I have handed in my final thesis on topic of Kenya’s post-election violence, on which [...]

From Delhi we went by train to Mumbai where we had a reatreat for people who would like to go deeper in themselves and create such personalities that they have always wanted. This is done under certain global initiative that aims at sharing knowledge and experience related to human consciousness with as many people as possible. It is a structured work of reflection, meditation and study, which allows one to get in contact with the most profound within oneself and to find answers to the most important questions of the meaning in life. Studies are preceded by a couple of months of preparation – personal work, during which exercises of self-knowledge, relaxation and psychophysics are performed. These exercises contribute to the comprehension and resolution of the most important conflicts that one has, so that one can move on and start [...]

Wow, I can’t believe that we are already in India for one month . Right now we are enjoying our stay in Delhi. We are renting a small room on the roof of one building some 20 minutes far away from the city centre. We have already made one photoset and two videos here and one more in the other place where we stayed. That one called Misha’s Birthday Gift will be soon released as Yan finished the editing just today. I think that you have much to start looking forward to as there are some nice scenes of anal sex . What else should be my birthday gift right? That video was made right the day after our arrival to Delhi. We spent some five days there during which we met two doctors – homeopatic and ayurvedic ones. We [...]

I very much like talks with my father, they often bring me deep inspirations and assure me of my life goals. Even though I can feel how much he struggles to understand what I mean by my words and the other way round. Such themes as developing our consciousness and finding some higher inspirations in ourselves, believing that our images are the creators of our reality, which is obviously not the same for even two people – are in my landscape of formation, but obviously haven’t appeared in my fathers one. We can barely talk about generational thing, cos I know many people who are older than my father who have the same sensibility as I do. Maybe it is that they did not grow in suppressive communism and let themselves be more open to the spirit of investigations. Back [...]

Hello my dear ones, I decided to give you a Christmas present and show you that I am still alive . I very much apologize for being so silent in past few months. A lot was happening in my life and not much of it was nice . At the beginning of November we were busy with preparations of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in Czech Republic. The events we prepared turned out as a big success although the media didn’t inform well and much about it. Yet many people came and many of them were amazed and happy. The next week in November I went for a trip with my grandma to south Turkey. There is a separate post about the trip here. Once I got back home I visited a few friends and then I started [...]

Hey my dearest ones. I am so sorry for the long silence . In past month there were too many things for me happening and it was difficult for me to cope with them. Firstly as Yan has already written here – I realized that my hearing is worsening every month and that I have the last six months to be able to find some other way of healing. Probably in March they will give me the cochlear implant and after that I wouldn’t be able to do much about it. Not that I don’t want the implant, it’s just that I want to try to do everything I could to heal my hearing completely or at least stop it from degenerating further. To be honest it was difficult for me mainly because I was never occupied by my hearing [...]

Our Italian weekend was perfect! All evening on the road we were eating home packed bread. I couldn’t wait for some delicious Italian stuff. Still the next day we were filling ourselves with remaining, but for dinner we had a really nice pizza. The next day even better one, and the day after the best one:) I was melting over potato pizza, another brilliant one is with courgette blossoms and the top of all is the way that Italian cousin uses their basil pesto. I mean I just love it! Okey this wasn’t the enlightenment I meant, nor the purpose for our journey. This weekend was another retreat of the process by which one is able to achieve the momentum touch with “The Profound”. On this retreat the various processes were introduced to us, all by amazing people, who are [...]

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