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This live show has been broadcasted and fully recorded last week, while we were in Pagosa Springs. After enjoying hot springs we went to our rental in idea of shooting a sexy live show right away. Unfortunately we found out that there will be no privacy as the landlord lives in the same flat. Fortunately we have decided to give it a fuck (try) in the bathroom Misha is pulling my dick As we have been waiting for couple of minutes to turn the time that we were expected to start, Misha has been playing intro with me for a short while. I really liked how she was pulling my dick as a cheeky tease, as it made me totally ready to fuck her, or rather to be fucked when the right time was up. For those couple minutes Misha [...]

In November we have moved to Taos to spend some time living in the Earthships and learning more about various things connected to these radically sustainable buildings.Originally we were to spend only one month on this magical place but we just couldn’t resist and had to extend our stay till February . We’ve lived in a Simple Survival Model of Earthship for the first two weeks and have made the spectacular Fuck me sustainably video. We enjoyed the life there as it was really simple, washing dishes with a water from the bucket, taking shower from the solar shower bag, splashing the toiled with twice already used gray water (once for the dishes or shower, second time for watering the plants in the glasshouse), simple electricity, etc. The electricity however was a bit two simple for our production demands . [...]

Since the beginning of September, as some of you know, we are in New Mexico. Most of the time we stay in the middle of nowhere, on a hostile desert, which despite of it’s magnificent beauty keeps throwing at us it’s magnificent obstacles . 8960 km on public vs. 73 miles on personal transport When we came to US, we have immediately realized that it will be the first time in our life we need to buy a car if we wanna move around at all. Public transport in New Mexico is not great even in the big cities of Albuquerque or Santa Fe, not mentioning any possible transport in between the small desert towns, where we are right now . Therefore after traveling from Prague to Albuquerque on publicly available transport, we were obliged to buy our personal car [...]

Several people asked us plenty of questions about Burma, what is it like, how convenient, how peaceful, or what’s most interesting about the country. That’s why we have decided to finally post an overall impression of this country and it’s remarkable people. Our Burmese friends are real heroes People of Burma are heroes. They struggle with the ruthless political system in their daily lives to the extend that none of us can probably be even close to imagine. Yet they remain to live with very positive attitude and full of hopes for unstoppable future improvement. Official information sources in Burma are like fake porn in adult entertainment They don’t show you the truth and every day life, but only make you see the fancy things to look representative and faultless – just like fake porn. If you are going to [...]

One of the topics we’ve chosen for our first public photo projection was “human destiny”. We wish to share these photos with you. As you know us, we will not spare a comment. Therefore we also share with you our thoughts, along with showing you the pics, and we will be most grateful to read your opinion on them. (Un)changeble human destiny Unlike in the western world, it is not very easy for the people of India, as well as in other developing countries, to change ones life and to aim for a different style of life then for which they were raised in. If one happens to born in a slum, in a low class, to parents that are either jobless or have a kind of job on the lower scale of society, it is very very rare that [...]

Today we are organizing a presentation of the photos we have made in India for our friends. Around 20 people should attend the event and we organize it as a fundraising activity for our special place. As usual we had way too much time for everything and so even now, three hours before the event, we don’t have everything prepared . Yan is still editing the photos and we also have to order them and make slideshow. We really hope that we will manage everything in time… We would like the presentation to be on the “Perception of the Reality” theme as we believe that it was the main difference between the Indians and people from the West. So we prepared photos from five big topics, namely – people’s destiny, environment, spirituality and multiculturality, celebrations and health. We will definitely [...]

Like I have informed you in this post, last week I went with my granny on a trip to Vienna. It was a trip for retired people so lots of fun really . It was terrible to see how this travel agency exploits these old people. It was a five day trip and two days were only arrival and departure to and from the hotel! I have to make clear that Vienna is only some 4 hours far away from Prague so nobody would expect that we would have to spend the whole two days on the road. Yet we did and that was only the start of the nightmare. Some three hours after our departure the bus stopped by a gas station at a periphery of some Czech town. There was nothing all around, it was lunch time, we [...]

My granny was born in 1937 and despite her age, she really loves to travel. From time to time she invites me for a trip with her. Like this we have been together in Turkey and I invited her for a trip to Kenya and to India last year. She spent with us two months in India and was quite pleased with the experience although the weather was terribly hot for her. So this spring she decided to rather stay in Europe and invited me for a trip to Vienna. She loves to travel with a travel agency because everything is much easier for her. I don’t like to travel with a travel agency but last time we were in Turkey like this, it was quite ok and I realized that such format is probably the best for my granny. [...]

This breathtaking video in the middle of lush wild nature is a great taste of what we were up to during our days in south Thailand. It was an amazing sexperience combining what we love: a public love making and fucking in a virgin nature, surrounded by beautiful greenery and people tracking on a nearby forest path:). Natural and Public hardcore combination This breathtaking video in the middle of lush wild nature is a great taste of what we were up to during our days in south Thailand. It was an amazing sexperience combining what we love: a public love making and fucking in a virgin nature, surrounded by beautiful greenery and people tracking on a nearby forest path:). What will you sexperience in our fucking wild video The intense 10 minutes of our recording is blasting with provocative passionate [...]

Check some of the pictures from our stay in a monastery on our picassa account, right here. The most interesting time we have spent in Burma was undoubtedly with our monk friend, in his home are around Katha division, in north of Burma. Before we went to his village, we stayed in his friends’ monastery, in Nga Oo village. To observe the daily life of Buddhist monks and to play with little novices (young students on their way to become monks) was really such a nice a experience for both of us. Buddhist monks in Burma are very admired people, respected by every villager who takes part in maintaining the local monastery and providing food for monks and novices. Monks are expected to meditate and work for spiritual good of the village and in return the village takes care of [...]

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